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January King Cabbage in the sun Photo: 2/22/14
January King Cabbage in the sun
Photo: 2/22/14

January King Cabbage with no sun Photo: 2/23/14
January King Cabbage with no sun
Photo: 2/23/14

12 thoughts on “JANUARY KING CABBAGE”

    1. And I am so grateful that you subscribe to my blog! I couldn’t decide which cabbage looked better — the one with sun had shadows that made it hard to see but the no-sun version didn’t have as much color. January King cabbage is part savoy. Quite frankly, I grow it because it’s so PRETTY!

  1. I’ve seen cabbage grown in flower beds and it can be stunning when other flowers with blooms are near by. You have quite the green thumb, I think. The camellia bush is awesome. I love to float the blooms in a bowl of water.

    1. Momma always floated the blooms in water, too. I just admire them on the bush. The way Whiskey jumps wherever he wants to go, I’d have water all over. I don’t think of myself as having a green thumb. I think of myself as persistent. I keep at it until I get it right.

  2. I grow a lot of things because I like the name or it fills the garden, makes it look like I know what I’m doing.

  3. Your cabbage is beautiful in any light… as is the camellia. Was going to cut a couple of ours for you and bring them on Wednesday, but then I remembered you have several bushes of your own (or co-owned with your Poppie). 🙂 g.

  4. Good things to eat are a delight to watch grow.

    Where I cut my cabbages, new little heads grew around the edges of the cut — I read they make little heads that you can eat like brussels sprouts and they are forming such. I’m game for that.

    Your Camellia really makes a show.

    1. Nell Jean – My cabbage have never had a chance to grow more than a few new leaves because I leave them in the garden until March unless I want to eat them or give some away. March comes and I need to get rid of them to make way for spring stuff. Dad and I have both remarked how that camellia has never put on a show like that. I kinda wonder if that’s Momma communicating with us. She’s been gone almost 14 months.

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