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You will recall from an earlier post, Am I Going Bald?, that Whiskey the cat would lean off my headboard and grab a mouthful of my hair for a yank. This is the headboard, which has two mirrors behind it.  The mirrors are supported by two tier cabinets and a light bridge for two indoor floodlights. I purchased this unit 30 years old and although it has a few scratches, my money-squeezing fists won’t allow me to replace it. Besides, I much prefer Whiskey sleeping up there than sprawled across my bed so that I can’t stretch my legs out.

This is what I saw at 4 a.m. when it finally cooled down enough from our 84 degree Thursday for me to seek some covers.  Whiskey is trying to sleep among all my reading material even though I have to reach under his ample gut to find the light switch.

Whiskey on headboard-2079

22 thoughts on “COMFY?”

  1. Hard to grasp the thought that you had 85 degree temps. With the rainlast night we now have smaller snow piles. The warming trend is ending and by Thurs it will be twelve again. Whiskey looks very uncomfortable….he needs a pillow.

    1. I couldn’t grasp the 85 degrees this early in the year, either. I complained to Poppie. He pointed out that I complained about the cold weather and now I was complaining about warm weather. What he fails to understand is that I NEED 3 months of 70 degree temps to do the bulk of my work in the yard. And that evil cat is not getting a pillow.

    2. I agree. Furrball where’s his pillow and blanket? Just because you had a pretty little house made for him and had it painted real pretty doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get a pillow and furry blanket. LOL

      1. I saw only Big Foot in that pretty little house. One time. I suppose these 20 pound cats can’t squeeze themselves into it. They’ve also got a pillow and a blanket in the rocking chairs. I draw the line there. I can see no reason to have more bedding for them in the house.

  2. I love Whiskey. He’s a cat after my own heart. The girls and I are gathered around my monitor looking at this pic and reading the commentary and laughing. We’re all going to get fired.

      1. How about I just give you some bucks to put away until you find the darn phone? Everyone in the US has a cordless phone but you. If you do another face plant in the garden how are you going to call for help? You know your cord doesn’t stretch that far. SMH (shaking my head)

        1. There you go, telling stories on me again. I HAVE a cordless phone but it has only one one phone/one base/one answering machine. The kitchen phone is what needs to be replaced. As long as you don’t have a #1 in your phone number, I can call you. Quite frankly, I’d like to replace just that one phone with a plain, old-fashioned cord phone. I haven’t SEEN any of those phones around in ages.

    1. Becky B – If that cat has a clear conscience, he’s delusional. He picks fights with my other cat, Big Foot, so much so that poor Big Foot lives down at Dad’s house. I have finally decided that he got dumped in my neighborhood because he couldn’t get along with all the other animals in somebody’s family. He wants to be one old lady’s cat and I’ve never been one for having just one cat. I want another chocolate snowshoe siamese with brilliant blue eyes but I’ll hafta wait cuzza this cat. I raised one from a kitten and had him 18 years. He was beautiful and I wailed when I had to have him put down.

  3. I know how hard it is to put down a fur baby…
    Perhaps Whiskey is orbiting your crooked moon…maybe he has one too many times???

  4. I have a beautiful orange male cat, named Bundy. He is quite sure he is in charge of our home. He is quite hard-headed but he fits in with the rest of our hard-headed family. I call him Mr. Sneaky because he hides in the backyard in my ferns and qiant lanta plants watching the birds and other criters in the back yard. He seems to think I don’t know what he is doing. Well, I let him get the mice but not birds. He almost went nuts this winter because he couldn’t find the sunshine. He loves to lay outback in the sunshine and when we didn’t have much this winter he drove me (and himself) crazy going in one door and out the other trying to fine the sunshine. He has been happier for the last few day but this week-end with the rain is going to make him nuts again. Ha!

    1. Oh Betty, I so enjoyed hearing about your cat. I could hear all his purrsonality coming through. We once had an orange cat. Have you seen those orange cats that have a lot of white in them but they still have a faint stripe? I wouldn’t mind having one of those, too. It’s a good thing I have Poppie as a leveling influence to keep me from having 52 cats…

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