Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

I have an update to Lam’s entrance into the World of Suburban Chickens which I previously covered in Chickens and Chicken News. Lam persisted with leash training her two chickens and reports progress. The two chickens are not fighting and cursing her as much. Instead, they fix her with “epic stink eye.”

Photo Credit: Lam

Lam acquired an H-style small dog harness which she loosened to the maximum width because her chickens are fat and healthy. She reports that leash training a chicken is similar to halter breaking a horse but it’s easier and safer. Having no experience with either, I’ll take her word for it.

Immediately, I asked if she could get the leashed chickens to walk or did they stand in place, refusing to budge while giving her that epic stink eye. I mean, look at that foot in the photo above. Something about that foot says, “No way. I mean it.”

According to Lam, Princess Penny is the more agreeable of the two chickens when it comes to being strapped into a leash. Lam holds the leash gently so Princess Penny doesn’t hit the end of the leash and cut herself in half. For all that it matters because once the leash goes on, Princess Penny runs as if she might be able to out-run the leash. Out of control. Steering run amuck.

For Lam, there’s a bonus in this leash training business. After each training session, the chickens make a jail break to hide behind the garage until it’s time to roost. Normally, they are clingy and underfoot making it difficult for Lam to get any yard work done.

17 thoughts on “LEASHED CHICKENS”

  1. Ha! And my neighbors thought I was weird for walking my cat. (I only did it so she’d know where home was from any given point in the neighborhood – it worked.)

    1. I think Lam is working on a blog for the purpose of displaying/selling her art. She is a painter of stunning ability. She painted some parrot tulips in warm, summery colors that would be the envy of anyone with a beach house. Alas, she sold the original and did not make any prints. You understand, of course, that “Lam” is the name I give her on this blog in order to be allowed to tell her stories. I’m not allowed to tell anyone her real name.

  2. Perhaps they could be in the Westminster Dog/Chicken Show. I think the Princess may have a chance.
    I had a pet rattie (she was really a princess under a spell). I tried a leash on her, one of the full body type. She would just pull her paws in and play enchilada.

  3. Since our cat Autumn has the unfortunate history of wandering and getting lost, we haven’t allowed her out of the house since her recent return. But she is about to go crazy, racing from window to window, watching the world go by. So I am going to buy a cat leash for her. I will tell her if a chicken can do it, she can do it.

  4. I read all the backstories – too funny! I would probably pay good money to see someone walk their chicken around the neighborhood. And to see some of the neighbors’ reactions to said chicken-walker.

    1. Yep, Indie, that was kinda my reaction the very first time Lam told me she was going to leash train her chickens except that I visualized skinny little leashes on their skinny little necks. Glad you got a chuckle.

  5. Rattie is the polite way to talk about rats. To play enchilada, put your rattie in a small harness leash and the little thing will just sit there. Looks like an enchilada. I had to put my little princess “down”. It was a sad day. The whole family cried. She was a true love!

    1. Good Lord, a rat for a pet. Now I know why I think you are so cool. You orbit the crooked moon, just like me! So sorry your beloved pet is gone. I know how that feels. Got the t-shirt on that. Sounds like your family needs a new rattie.

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