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Last year I purchased a pair of pink gloves in Dollar Tree that seemed to be made out of knit with the palm side having little “grabber dots”. They held up better than your average el cheapo garden glove through spring, summer, fall and winter. One of the gloves did spring a leak where the knit cuff connected to the glove but I always washed them after each gardening adventure to allow the washer and dryer to tighten the threads. Of course, I didn’t yank on that glove, either.

Everything is looking like spring here – the stores are full of new pots, huge seed displays, piles of mulch, and everything else that goes with gardening. Not to mention new spring growth on oak and maple trees. So I made a special trip to Dollar Tree to check on those gloves. This year their “Jersey Garden Gloves” were pink, royal blue, olive green, purple and still only a dollar.

garden gloves-2065

Of course, I had to snap up a purple pair to wear with my purple underwear if I ever get around to shopping for unmentionables. It seemed only right considering the amount of ribbing I have endured about the purple undies.

This reminds me. You won’t want to miss World Naked Gardening Day which has been celebrated internationally on either May 3rd or May 14. I’m not sure which date has been selected for this year. Rest assured that I will not be in my yard wearing only my purple garden gloves because the hootin’, hollerin’ and pointin’ from my neighbors would be bad for my self-esteem.

24 thoughts on “EL CHEAPO GARDEN GLOVES”

  1. So glad to hear that I don’t have to worry about calling before I come for a visit since I now know you won’t be naked or wearing your purple undies. I used to garden in my bathing suit when I had a pool. Of course, I had a huge privacy fence!!!

    Mandarin Garden Club’s dollar clothing sale is the first Saturday in March. Hope you come. We have lots of really nice clothes. Besides, I want to see you!!!

    1. Sadly, the website hasn’t been updated in a year. You rekkon somebody got popped by a bee and they all swore offa nekkid gardening? Or maybe, because of the confusing dates, they got hauled off to the glamour slammer. That’d be yer luck, yanno. Do I need to send you some purple gloves?

        1. I don’t think they made it up. Wikipedia did a piece on it and the nekkid gardening people have their own website, although it hasn’t been updated in a very long time. If you are going to get out there and weed your garden with just your purple undies and some garden gloves, be sure to stuff a copy of the Wikipedia article in your gloves for when the neighbors call the cops on you.

  2. Maybe naked gardening day did sell!!! Remember I have purple pj’s and purple house slippers. So I guess having purple gloves wouldn’t hurt since I sometimes garden in my pj’s. I have a very tall fence thank goodness.

    1. Miserable here. I’m in the house with a knit cap on my head, a scarf around my neck and a ceramic heater running in my bedroom. We’re close enough to Cecil Field to use their weather report but First Doppler no longer seems to run CF weather. We are usually 10 degrees colder than Jax.

  3. This article and the comments really made my day. I’d like to suggest that if you gals start gardening nekkid, ALL Y’ALL are going to end up in the glamour slammer with a gal named Big Mamma as your cell mate.

    1. That would probably be my luck. I suwannee, I can’t do anything without walking slap into the middle of an adventure. I had some time to kill before meeting a friend for lunch so I pulled into Wal-Mart. I got out of my car and heard this loud pop. I looked at this woman across the lane from me who was bug-eyed and swiveling her head in an unnatural manner. I started walking slowly, giving every car the evil eye and a woman started yelling an apology at me. Apparently, her stupid husband, two cars away from mine, had just bought himself a gun and some ammo and couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. Noooooo, he opened his car door and fired! Why me, Lord? Should I check my car for bullet holes?

  4. I have always felt like going to Walmart is taking a risk with your life. If some nut doesn’t get you inside the store, well, one will be waiting outside. Firing a gun in a parking lot should get you locked up in my opinion. A woman who is close by when a gun is fired deserves a new outfit and lots of chocolate!!!

    The $1.00 clothing sale is March 1 at the club. Come on over and get yourself a new outfit. I’ll try to remember to bring the chocolate.

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