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Rex Begonia-2058

This is one of the plants I purchased in a nursery in Atlanta when visiting my sister. It has no better identification than “Rex Begonia” which is totally inept, in my humble opinion. Look up Rex Begonia on Google Images and you will find countless dozens of fancy begonias. This one looks like an anemic version of ‘Fireworks’ that might color up this spring when I am able to put it outside in more light. Then again, it might be ‘Dewdrop.’  I hate when florists and nurseries don’t properly identify the plants they sell. The word “Assorted” on the back of the tag is lazy. Just plain lazy.

The bad thing about looking up Rex Begonias on Google Images was recognizing many I have owned in the past that succumbed to who-knows-what. Not to mention my heart leaping in lust at others that I simply must acquire someday. The internet is not always a good thing when it reaches for my wallet.

What has surprised me about Rex is the amount of growth. In just a little over three months that Rex has been in my possession, it has doubled in size. The plant remains in its original four inch plastic pot, gets only medium amounts of light, at best, from its perch on my living room coffee table. I do try to make sure the blinds are open for at least 8 hours. I also water it every few days because it is planted in some sort of medium that dries out quickly. I have given it no fertilizer.

The photo above was taken today. The plant needs to have a few dog-eared leaves removed but I wasn’t going to do that before showing you how much it has grown. From left to right, it measures ten inches.

The American Begonia Society has a long list of identifying photos on their website but you have to click on each individual begonia. They should really rethink that but, alas, they did not seek my opinion.

18 thoughts on “REX BEGONIA”

  1. I don’t grow begonias, but yours looks very happy! It will be huge by the time summer is over! And you’ve touched on my pet peeve – I hate when the tags are not completely filled out. You’re right – it’s just plain laziness!

  2. Oh, that looks like quite a pretty one there! I hate when nurseries don’t label things, too. There is a nice nursery that I visit occasionally a couple towns over. They had many different ferns in their greenhouse, all just labeled ‘fern’. The nursery staff didn’t know what types they had, either. It so bugged me! Big box stores, I understand, but I expect my fancy nurseries to sell labelled cultivars!

  3. Your begonia is lovely! I want to add more to my woodland garden. Your story reminds me of the plant I once purchased at a big box store. It was labeled “Fern”.

    1. Deb — Ah yes, “Fern.” I think the first time I wrote about inept nursery tagging was with the post — My Apple Green Fern — which had been tagged as a Bird’s Nest Fern and wasn’t. I think the only way that gardeners are going to get any relief from poor labeling is to start writing letters to nurseries.

  4. Imagine what magnificent growth your Atlanta begonia could have if you would give it a better pot and potting medium and not leave it in the junk from the nursery. I think you might be stunting it’s growth potential.

    1. Ah yes, well Priss, I do plan to repot it in something pretty with better soil. I have been terribly unmotivated by the cold. It was 84 degrees here today. Poppie and I got out in the yard and did clean up for a couple of hours until neither one of us could walk. It’s on my list, promise.

    1. Kim – I’m going to try to get a few more because I have enjoyed looking at Rex all winter. It’s in the house even though I’m not particularly fond of houseplants because you never know what’s going to crawl out of the soil….

        1. You got that right, Kimmie! A lizard could be lurking in the interior, eggs of something I don’t want hatching in my house could be on the undersides of the leaves. Ach! My imagination runneth over. Thus, no houseplants. All lizards look nekkid, anyway, so one with purple underwear would surely stand out. I’m startin’ to feel like you is disrespectin’ my fears and anxieties… 😆

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