Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

I was trying to get dressed to go to work. I work all of four weeks a year and even that is hard on my back. It was a tad chilly, too. So I get out of the shower, flip the switch for the exhaust fan, walk into the powder room and turn the little ceramic space heater on. I had a fleeting moment when it occurred to me it might not be a good idea to run both of those at the same time but, again, it was fleeting.

In a few minutes, all the lights, the fan and the little heater quietly stopped running. Ditto for the second bathroom. I had to get dressed, you understand, so I checked the circuit breaker box.

circuit breaker box
circuit breaker box

One of the switches was tripped and didn’t seem to want to flip left or right. It was kind of spongy. I called Poppie.

Poor Poppie probably figures he doesn’t dare die because who would take care of the dingbat when she gets herself into a fix?

Ladies, take note. The switch can’t be spongy. If it is, you aren’t pushing it hard enough one way or the other. It needs to “snap” off so that you can “snap” it back on.

16 thoughts on “OVERLOAD”

  1. My husband probably feels the same as your father. I can’t move the switch, either. I’d have to call one of my sons-in-law and since we are on good terms I’d rather not upset them. They’d come over (from Mandarin area), but I don’t think they’d be too happy about it.

          1. I still may have one at my house. Those are the ones they used in Chicago and since I’m not in Chicago anymore I may have thrown them out.

    1. Kimmie – I’m hoping my friend Evie doesn’t see this because she’ll rat me out on birthday suits. I don’t do nekkid, okay? I have nothing to flaunt in that department. As for Poppie feeling needed, I rather imagine he shakes his head and mumbles under his breath when it comes to me.

      1. I’m at least 20 years past nekkid, but it does happen, especially during a flashing kind of moment. Ah the joys of living in the country with your closest neighbor 1/4 mile away. When folks ask us if we are going to move permanently to our place in FL it strikes a bit of fear in me – oh my god, in a neighborhood with neighbors that can see what I am doing?
        I have a visual of Poppie shakin’ his head and mumbling. It makes me smile.

        1. Girl, you are a Hoot And A Half — “20 years past nekkid.” I can’t live in suburbs anymore. Too restrictive. You wouldn’t be able to have ANY of those “flashing kind of moments.” I’ll admit to opening my front door in t-shirt and undies to snatch the cat’s food bowl but no actual flashing as I don’t do nekkid, ever, except in the shower.

      2. Kimmie, I can tell you my sister does not do nekkid at all. When I’m talking to her on the phone and I need to get in the tub, I slip in real quiet like so she doesn’t know I’m nekkid and in the tub. If she even suspects I’m in the tub, she starts screaming in the phone “you know I don’t do nekkid” and then promptly cut the call off. She’s something else I tell yah.

  2. My first thought was as to how organized you are to have it all labeled so clearly. WTG!
    I could not move that spongy switch either. But next time I’ll push harder.

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