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As I aimed the container of hairspray at the top of my head, I noticed that I could see more scalp than I remembered. “Gosh, I hope I’m not going bald. Alopecia is not yet in style for women like it is for men.”

All week, I continued to fret over those bare spots each time I stood in front of a mirror.

One cold morning, I never quite woke to the world of the living. Whiskey, the crabby cat who won’t let my other cat on the porch let alone in the house, became a tad disgruntled that I was not enthusiastically attending to his breakfast. I ignored him as he pulled kleenex out of the box, walked over me, and sat on my head. ย However, when he leaned off the headboard, grabbed a mouthful of my hair and gave it a yank, I suddenly remembered that he had Done This Before. You reckon he’s the reason I’m going bald?

Vicious hair-snatching cat
Vicious hair-snatching cat


33 thoughts on “AM I GOING BALD?”

    1. Good idea! I should bite him, too! He’s currently driving me nuts climbing up on my keyboard because I am not paying attention to HIM. The only time I can spend any time with the other cat (Big Foot) is at Poppie’s when I go there to cook and watch Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, the poor cat doesn’t get much attention because both Poppie and I are snoring by 7:15.

  1. I don’t have a cat…don’t trust them. I rest my case.
    I now have 2 chrysalis’ and another caterpillar. I stayed up until 3 the other morning watching the “change”. my life…….

    1. Marla – I’m glad you can see the ATTITUDE because he’s got it by the fistfuls. When he started clawing at my head this morning, I got right up and fed his sorry self before he started snatching my hair out. I never need breakfast so early, what’s his problem?

  2. Is there anything you can put on your hair that would repel the cat and keep it from pulling your hair? Of course, if there is, it will probably repel everybody and I donโ€™t think that would be good. Unless there are people you would like to repel.

    Hugs, Pat

  3. Keep a little spray bottle of water next to the bed. A few spritzes will teach him to keep his paws to himself and will not harm him.

    Giving him breakfast when he pulls your hair reinforces bad behavior. Cats are so smart.

  4. Do you think I thought to take photos?? I did think of it, but did not as my eyes were out of focus and my head was stuck in a strange position.

  5. Whiskey is beautiful – even if he is a hair snatcher. Guess that will teach you to pay attention to his needs. I’ve had cats that did that to me in the past too, and one that used to take great pleasure in trying to pull my glasses off my face. That was always a bit unnerving especially as I am prone to falling asleep with them on in bed. Cat would sneak up onto the bed and yank those suckers right off of me and across the room they would go, which would leave me stumbling around blind as I am trying to find them without stepping on them.

    Pay attention to Whiskey and no-one will get hurt.

    1. LAUGH OUT LOUD, girl! I rekkon your cat didn’t like the looks of the frames you chose. Oh my gosh, that was funny. I made Whiskey sleep outside last night so I could grow some hair back. It wasn’t cold. He’s been inside all day, however, making up for having been shunned. You should see Big Foot, my other cat. He’s beautiful, too. Black and white with giant feet (polydactyl). I think there are some photos of him somewhere on this blog.

      1. Is Big Foot a Hemingway descendant? Did you go down to Key West and pick up a cat?
        I threw the dog out last night too, and now she is back inside – being invisible and I’ll have a hard time getting her to go back out and do her business. It was warm enough for her to be out last night and she was annoying me with her dog butt scratching on the floor thing. TMI – I know.

        1. LOL, you think those cats don’t scratch their butts on the floor? Yep, I think he’s a Hemingway descendant but I sure didn’t drive all the way down there to get him. He just showed up one January. All my cats are strays — I take in leftovers. I’ve always wanted to visit Key West…

          1. Leftovers ha ha ha – yeah I’ve got that problem too. Been to Key West twice, including Hemingway’s house. Cats everywhere – signs said don’t touch the cats. Can you just imagine me around all those cats and being told not to touch. Hmmph. Open invitation.

    1. Indie – I have seen plenty of dog shaming emails but today I just got my first email of the cat shaming photos. It was painfully funny because I could SO relate to those cat owners. Where oh where do I send a shaming photo of my hair yanking cat?

  6. You are an enabler of bad cat behavior. But the real bad behavior is that you put up with that cat at all. You are allergic you know. They were supposed to be just outside cats….

    1. Ms. Priss – Whiskey IS mostly an outside cat. He comes in at night to sleep. I told my allergist yesterday that I had cats back in my life and he didn’t say anything. What could he say when I told him they just showed up at my door? I can’t let a cat starve!

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