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I wanted a laptop a year or so ago, could not afford one, and my lovely niece gave me a hand-me-down-laptop. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ability to surf the ‘net from the comfort of my bed. For quite a while, I couldn’t pull up crucial screens in WordPress on the laptop but could on my big computer. I asked my brother to look at the laptop Friday. He decided it was a Chrome issue and pulled up WordPress in a different browser. Worked fine.

The next morning, I was checking my email, Facebook, etc. when all of a sudden, a few bars of music erupted followed by two shotgun blasts. Of course, the volume on my computer is set at wide open because I don’t hear so well and I almost levitated off the bed!

cap gun-2036

My first thought was, “These things DO NOT happen to normal people!” I went hunting for my Download Folder and couldn’t find a thing to explain the music and gunshots. I searched a few other folders, too. Nothing.

My next thought was, “When did I go crazy? Because I used to be normal!” Even without much of a memory, I could remember that craziness began to waft into my life around 1990 when I embraced a particular hobby that involved creative people. Feeling that I wasn’t as creative, I started reading everything the library had on creativity. One of the books, by Chic Thompson, had a list for looking at things from different perspectives, such as:

  • Stretch it, shrink it
  • Balance it, unbalance it
  • Go backward, go forward
  • Do it backwards, do it sideways

You get the idea. You do that stuff often enough and pretty soon you are crazy. Still, none of that explains why my computer is shooting at me.

P.S.: You’ll recall that I live on a family compound. I hope Poppie didn’t catch me walking out in the yard with my camera focused on my hand holding the cap gun. I wanted visual interest for my blog post but I did not want to explain all this …

21 thoughts on “SHOTGUN BLASTS”

  1. No explanation is needed…
    Welcome to my world! It is really fun once you let go and all…
    Fun note, I saved 2 monarch caterpillars from the cold in my garden. They are in my soap room keeping warm. So happy!

  2. I’m sure the poor old gentleman gave up expecting a rational explanation from you a looonnng time ago!:)

    1. Oh no! Just recently I got the incredulous stare followed by “That’s crazy!” when I wanted him to go with me to get a free range hood from a Craigslist ad. He was adamant that I was crazy. He never apologized for that outburst, either, even after he and my brother installed the range hood and it saved him at least a hundred dollars.

  3. The beauty of life is that as you age you do not have to explain. They already think you are crazy, of course, it isn’t true, you are just not them, but at the same time it is perfect cover for anything that is unexplainable.

  4. In my neighborhood, loud music and gun shots means the neighbors have company who play their car radios LOUD and shoot off guns for fun! I’m thinking of doing the same to them, maybe at 2:00 in the morning! I wish.

  5. Linda, I have a creative daughter, living with her is a trip. I have no creativity. It is amazing how we can look at the same event and see it so different. Now that she is grown, I just enjoy her escapades because most of the time they don’t affect my life. When she was younger, she brought joy to our lives, and lots of screaming because we (my husband and I) just didn’t get this creative thing. She’s a very happy person but has her share of screw-ups. Ha.

    I think you are a very creative person. Your writings are very special and we all enjoy them so much. Now as for the gun and music part, who knows!!!!

    1. Now Betty, gardening is a creative act so don’t tell me you have no creativity. I met your daughter at MGC. Glad to hear she is going to enjoy a creative life. I grew up as a moderate creative but really went overboard after 1990. My sister raised a creative and she did everything she could to encourage it. The kid even got music lessons — clarinet and piano. She played clarinet in H.S. and now in college. I’d like to learn to play the banjo but can’t afford lessons. You’ll be pleased to know that my brother told me to run the virus checker and it exorcised the masked gunman.

  6. I did raise a creative child. I can even remember you asking “Why did she not color in the lines?” when she was very young and my response was “She is exploring the whole page.” She is extremely creative, but I don’t think she has her computer shooting at her. In other words, I don’t think she hears voices.

  7. I am glad to know that is a cap gun! It is true that the more creative you are, the closer to craziness you are. Don’t worry! You are in good company!

      1. No one asked about the gun because we are used to you and the bizarre orbiting that Crooked Moon. I’ve had laptops for quite a while and I’ve never been shot at and no one I know has ever experienced a laptop shoot-’em-up. I’m just wondering why your laptop would shoot at you. No, wait. I know you and the unexplainable seems to visit you regularly. You are truly my creative sister.

        1. Hmph. Well, you must admit that anyone orbiting the Crooked Moon needs some kind of protection. I’ve had my cap gun on the living room bookshelf for years. Just in case I hear something sneaking around my house in the dead of night or that beagle comes back to sit under my bedroom window to bay at the moon. The idea is to run out on the porch and fire off a few rounds to scare ’em off.

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