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From the beginning of this blog, it should have been obvious to you that I am one sparkler short of a genuine firecracker. I’m assuming this since my family and friends reminded me of the fact way too often.

Worst of all, I think Momma was right. I ain’t got a lick ‘a common sense. It was Sunday night, December 29. I was cruising the posts on the only “secret” Facebook group to which I belong when that lack of common sense smacked me upside the head. Smacked me so hard I almost screeched out loud. It was so obvious I should have thought of it myself especially since I’ve been trying to downsize my “stuff.”

‘Twas a compact way to save seeds. A downsizer’s dream!

First, you need to see the seed saving system I arrived at in the last year.

boxes and boxes
boxes and boxes

Now, look at the downsizer’s notebook Tonya uses.

Photo Credit: Tonya at Facebook page: The Seed Exchange

Is that not INGENIOUS? The seeds are stored in teeny tiny clear plastic zip lock baggies which can be purchased in the craft section at Wal-Mart (100 for $1.00) or, if you are not a Wal-Mart fan, at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns. The zip lock baggies are then inserted in 3-ring baseball card collector sheets which Wal-Mart also carries but you might have to ask for them.  Years ago, they were at the front of the store, near the cash registers, with other collectible stuff.

While not exactly admitting to a shortage of sparklers, Tonya did confess the seed notebook idea was not hers. It came at the urging of a friend of hers. Quite frankly, I don’t care who came up with the idea, I just want to copy it! I want to know how many of you who play with seeds consider this a downsizing dream.


  1. That is a neat idea. Certainly looks well organized.
    I keep my seeds in empty medicine/pill containers . But then I forget where I put them sometimes .
    The little ziplock baggies are certainly easier to stick a few in your pocket book for when you are someplace and you want to gather some seeds. Not so bulky as pill containers.
    Thanks for the suggestion Linda.

  2. Linda I don’t have purple underwear but I do have beautiful purple Jammie’s and fluffy purple house slippers. As far as “stupid stuff”, I love it! Makes me feel good to know other people have “stupid stuff” happen to them. Keep up the laughs. Makes my day!!!!

  3. This is a wonderful idea. I am going to use this baby because I vow I’m going to be more organized in 2014! Reading your blog has started my year off right!!
    Thanks, friend!!

    1. Becky B – The only thing I question about this idea is not having the original seed packet with growing instructions. Some of them could be folded and tucked behind the ziplock baggie but some, like Baker Creek, have larger seed packets. But it certainly cuts down on boxes. Did you read that Betty W is going to take it to her gardening club chapter? Dunno if ya’ll are in the same chapter. I’m working on more organization, too!

    1. Well, even though I admire the other system because it takes up less space, I JUST got my system going and I have other projects that need to be tackled to the ground before I take on another seed saving system.

      1. I understand that. I keep saying I’m going to organize so and so. I wake up in the morning and it looks the same as it did when I went to sleep. Where are the magic fairy organizers?

        1. The fairy organizers don’t live at my house. The ones that clean house, either. I’ve actually made some progress this week on organizing and cleaning out some things. It just takes so long and before you get one thing cleaned up, another one has gone to the dawgs.

      1. What a hoot! I can’t remember my geography all that good but it seems like Missouri is close to Indiana (where Tonya lives). Wouldn’t it be something if it was passed around and she got wind of it? I saw it although I couldn’t read your entire post from the link you gave me. Facebook wanted me to log in. I’ll do that later and see if the Osuoka people will let me look at.

  4. Thank you and Tonya for the post. I do admire organization and your boxes are so pretty. I have some of those little clear packets somewhere, unused. I use empty pill bottles in empty ice cream containers and shoe boxes.

    I’m trying not to wear purple except for palest lavender. Since I became my mother, I am giving up wearing red too except for cardigans.

  5. Wow, that is awesome! I have a combination system – most of my seeds are saved in little pill baggies and then put in a box! I must say, her way looks much more organized. But then, I have never claimed to be an organized person.. and I, too, have heard the very common refrain growing up, ‘Use some sense, girl!’ But it is very sensible, indeed, to steal such great ideas!

  6. Tonya had a great idea there, that’s for sure. You can store so many seeds that way then toss the book on a shelf and pull it down when it’s time for planting! Thanks!

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