Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

The other day, I was reading about creativity on Charlie’s blog, Seattle Trekker, which had a link to another article entitled, “101 Tips on How to Become More Creative.”

Number 6 on the tip list suggested “create the dumbest idea you can.” I snorted. I do not have to create dumb ideas because dumb stuff tracks me down like an angry tornado intent on wrangling with an old broad in a claw foot tub. You know that’s not going to end well. It doesn’t matter whether or not the old broad in the tub is wearing purple underwear. Yes, wearing purple underwear for inspiration was number 55 on the list. I don’t even own a pair of purple underwear but the stoopit stuff finds me every time. Every Time.

When you think you are having a bad day, just remember there’s an old gal out here with hair-standing-on-end cowering in a claw foot tub from a tornado. Instantly, you should feel better.

Oh, if you think purple underwear might improve my destiny, feel free to send me a pair.  Size Giant, please.

15 thoughts on “DUMB IDEAS”

    1. Thanks, Meta. I figured you’d be one of the ones who wouldn’t mind some stupid stuff. It will give me something to post during the winter months when the garden looks so bleak. Wishing you all your hopes and dreams come true in 2014.

  1. As I type this I have on my size giant purple under wear. Just sayin’ I’ll be hitting the SS tab, although I’m not sure why since I obviously have it following me around constantly anyway.

        1. Bwahahahahaha! In the scheme of things, considering the size of the USA, a million something blogs on WordPress and the fact that we FOUND each other, I’m tellin’ you, the weirdos orbit the Crooked Moon!

  2. I am so ready for the SS tab. You are the source of much joy in my life. I love to hear about all the wacky stuff you attract. You are such a moron magnet and I am blessed to just hear about it.

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