10 thoughts on “WINTER FERN IN FLORIDA”

  1. You are getting very good with your close-up photos. I especially like the bottom photo. Colors and details are outstanding. Way to go Linda.

  2. Winter fern? I grow ferns. Love them! I learned the first year I lived in Florida not to be worried about my ferns in the winter. I don’t even cover mine anymore. So what do you mean by winter fern? Is that the name of the fern or just the way it looks in winter?

    1. Betty – No, “winter fern” is not the name of that fern. As you said, I was just showing what it looks like in winter. I had to traipse through the woods and over dangling vines to get to it. I had seen it the day before with the sun shining on it. A lot of our ferns don’t even change color because it doesn’t get cold enough.

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