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sago palm, female bloom from May 2013
sago palm, female bloom
from May 2013
December 2013
December 2013

It’s time to revisit the sago palm because two of ours are producing seeds right now. Again, ours have the female reproductive structure and out of it will come new leaves. See more great photos at Wikipedia (scroll to the bottom).  

Gardenofeaden has a better photo of the sago palm seeds and explains how to start your own sago palm seeds.


10 thoughts on “SAGO PALM SEEDS”

  1. Simon’s way might be the better, I can only tell you my experience: I did not scarify, but I did soak. It took 6 months before I saw a teensy sprout. The seedling is now 4″ tall after 3 months’ growing Pups from around a mature Cycad is a much quicker way to get good-sized plants but seedlings are more fun..

    I documented my experiences in Secrets of a Seedscatterer Blogspot when I planted my seeds and the sprout and growth in Dotty Plants Journal. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my WordPress blog which is where my comments here always link..

    1. Nell Jean – I know Momma fooled with growing them from seeds but I don’t know that I will. Just not interested. Sago palms are prone to scale and they take up a lot of room. I prefer to talk with you via the WordPress blog because it’s easier and a time-saver but when you don’t post for ages on end, I start going to your other blogs.

  2. Wow, that is so cool and alien looking. Mine never did that, and then I left it outside in frost – here in VA and that was that. I’ve thought of getting one for down in FL. There isn’t enough space or money for all my plant fantasies.

  3. I found my burro’s tail and mistletoe cactus at Lowe’s in Tallahassee. I would send you a rooted piece of burro’s tail but it would be all beans and a stem –every leaf would fall off before I could wrap it. They were in teeny little pots but repotted they grew fast as did all the little pieces that fell off the burro’s tail in the process.

    1. We’ve got Lowes! I’ll try there in the spring when they are more likely to have something like that. Might also look for it on their nearly dead tables – my fave shopping spot. Don’t understand why it would fall apart before you could wrap it. Sensitive to touch?

  4. I don’t grow Sago palms because they need shelter in the winter but I admire them in other people’s gardens. I have NEVER seen one flower like this! Incredible! Love your photos of the seeds, too. Nature is amazing!

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