Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

I recently emailed my sister, Ms. Priss, to see if she wanted a few garlic chive seeds from my garden. I got the usual “I just don’t have time.” She must not have seen Momma plant seeds. Granted, she didn’t live around Momma for close to Forever so she might have missed this simple planting method. It’s the kind of thing that old women like Momma and Ruth Stout thought of as a time saver to “just get it done” although I’ll admit I have not read Ruth Stout’s books. 

When Momma wanted to plant a few seeds, she stuck the heel of her foot in the flower bed and drug it back towards herself.

Poppie consented to be my foot model
Poppie consented to be my foot model

A small hole appeared and she dropped the seeds into the hole.

heel planting drop seeds in-1965

Then used her foot to nudge the soil back into the hole and tap it with the ball of her foot.

heel planting cover seeds-1966

So the next time you are pressed for time, try Momma’s heel planting method whether you’re an old woman or a young whipper-snapper.

14 thoughts on “MOMMA’S HEEL PLANTING”

  1. For smaller seeds, drag your finger through the dirt and then drop in the seeds, cover and your done! Just wipe your finger on your apron or pants. In my garden, this is a time honored method…
    Becky B

    1. Naw, no need to till. Our place is sandy soil. My sister, living in clay country, might have more trouble with this method but I was planning on her planting my garlic chives in her veggie garden which has amended soil.

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