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I embrace all colors but my two favorite colors are navy blue and purple. Momma, however, had a list of colors that were totally unacceptable for any use. She didn’t like anything orange or brown, especially in clothing, and was forever trying to snatch out my yellow and orange flowered canna.

I can’t tell you how many times she told me “never come home with a red car.” I barely got away with putting burgundy carpet and window treatments in my house to go with my navy blue couch. Living in Poverty, that red car has now become very unlikely but my sister-in-law has one that is a feast for the eyes.

I mostly tried to respect Momma’s color aversions but now that she’s gone, well, I’ve got some red daylilies.

Light the Fire Again
Light the Fire Again – 5.75 inch bloom
Valley of the Daylilies

Even an orange one that came as a freebie with one of my daylily orders. It’s not a named daylily and I don’t like it a whole lot but I gotta tell you, it glows in the afternoon light.

Daylily Crimson Knight x Calgary Stampede-1636

And how about this reddish purple coleus?


I don’t think Momma ever had a purple flower unless one of the hydrangeas had the audacity to bloom purple. I went over-the-top with purple this spring.

Torenia aka Wishbone-1609
Wishbone aka Torenia
Seeds are blonde and microscpic
Angelonia 2 shades of purple-1599
Angelonia – medium and dark purple
plus some dreaded dollarweed

More purple decorating came late in the summer when Target began discounting their garden goodies. As I recall, I got this metal butterfly for less than $2.00.

metal butterfly-1895

dahlia purple-1551
Purple Dahlia -Not enthralled with this but it spread four times its original size
‘Twas cheap on theLowes Down-and-Out-but-Not-Quite-Dead Table
Unique Purple Ryder Daylilies (Facebook)
Unique Purple Daylily – 4 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies
daylily punk-1593
‘Punk’ Daylily – 2.75 inch bloom
Ryder Daylilies

There were other purple daylilies I liked better, like the Mort Morss which is a very deep purple with white “sharks tooth” edges but the budget section of my brain screeched “No way!”  One of these days, though, I’m gonna get me that Mort Morss.

I also had a purple-something-or-other that Cecelia gave me and Mexican Sage which I trimmed too much and it bloomed sparsely (lesson learned).

No doubt, my color selections are probably causing Momma’s urn to jump around on Poppie’s mantel.

23 thoughts on “I LIKE COLOR”

  1. haha – Isn’t it funny how people react to color? I love orange, and purple, and red, and yellow (and all of them mixed together!), and I think all your colorful flowers are fabulous! My mother, on the other hand, also hates purple, always has white walls in her home, and light blue is colorful enough for her! She would probably faint if someone gave her a red car! I hope one day you get that Mort Morss. It sounds lovely.

    1. Holleygarden – Maybe it’s something about that generation? My mother, loved her dearly, had some weird ideas. She had all white walls, too. I love walls with some color. Ever watched that show ‘Knock It Off’ on PBS? It’s currently my favorite.

  2. LOVE all the colors and being partial to purple, well your photos make me swoon – okay maybe that’s just my dizzy head. Great butterfly find. That dollar weed is huge! My eyesight is pretty bad right now, but I love the butterfly photo additions to the side bar – what I can see. Your blog makes me happy.

    1. Kim – I asked my friend Evie what she thought about doing some butterflies in the side bar. She approved and wanted me to link back to their post, too. I’m so glad you like my flowers and I’m praying for you mightily.

    1. Becky B, Becky B – I’m TRYING to make it a feast for the eyes. Maybe next year. Right now, it’s full of Florida Betany because it’s “that time of year” but if you’ll search for Garden Walking Tour you’ll get those wider photos you want to see. Most of those photos were taken at other times of the year. Only the metal butterfly and the coleus were taken the day of the post. However, I was surprised at how much IS blooming right now. I took regular printer paper and pencil outside the other day and filled one side of the paper (it was folded in half) with names of what was blooming. Some of it was waning but still blooming.

  3. All the colors are lovely. I like them all very much.

    I think my mother and yours must be related. When I was a kid I wanted a red coat. I really, really wanted it. But no way. She bought me a horrid green one instead. I hated that coat.

    A few years ago I bought a bright red coat. It is beautiful.

    Maybe someday you will have your red car.

    1. Meta – I swear I think it’s a generational thing. You got that green coat because she didn’t want you to stand out or be “too big for your britches.” I’m so glad you finally got your red coat. My red/burgundy car isn’t looking good but I’ll fill my yard with flowers of every color, in every season, and be happy with God’s blessings.

  4. You have an absolutely gorgeous yard. I think your gift from God is being able to grow beauty and share His glory in nature. Not everyone can do this. My mother could and did. As with me, there was not a color she did not like. Her walls were a mint green but my favorite wall is white, then I can use all colors to punch it up! Keep growing & showing! It motivates us. 🙂

    1. Linda – who motivates the motivator? I had ten days recently where I couldn’t bring myself to post. I guess it was an unscheduled vacation. I am grateful that God has given me a green thumb but I consider my “gift” to be writing. Not that it pays ANYTHING towards my support. Many thanks for all your compliments.

    1. Paula – My daylilies aren’t blooming now, either. Those photos were from earlier in the year. I have to “cull” my cannas every year or they would take over. Each year I try to find new homes for them rather than toss them out.

  5. Lovely, lovely photos and since we’re moving into the ‘brown season here in CO your blog keeps the color for me!

  6. All flowers are beautiful and yours are no exception.

    As to cars, I subscribe to light colors being cooler because they reflect the sun.

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