Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

I’m not believing this. Yesterday’s mail brought more rock seeds, er, rock seed. It’s just one but it’s a big ‘un, about 5-1/2 by 4-1/4 inches. I guess rock seeds from the mountains are bigger than those you get elsewhere. Don’t ask me. This whole rock seed thing is new to me.

Colorado Rock Seed
Colorado Rock Seed

Duncan, who sent the rock seed, said it came from Cuchara, Colorado, on the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, a part of the Rocky Mountains.

Sangre de Cristo sounds Spanish to me. Does that mean I’ve got to speak Spanish around this rock? If so, I’ll have to talk real fast and say “Si, si!” a lot so the rock will think I know Spanish.

22 thoughts on “MORE ROCK SEEDS”

  1. How nice of Duncan to send you that rock seed for your boulder collection. It looks like a very interesting seed. And you are going to have to speak several languages now if this keeps up.

  2. I love yours and Duncan’s sense of humor. I just busted out laughing. I’m glad you and Duncan live far apart. This was a great start to my weekend reads. Your blog is the source of much amusement for me. Thanks for the time you put into it and for your equally funny followers.

  3. Be careful it’s not one of those invasive kind of rocks! You could have rocks sprouting up all over the place! (Though you might enjoy that!)

    I must say I am now in rock heaven here in the Northeast. I even have several boulders! Sadly most of them are down in a ditch so I have no way of moving them without equipment of some sort. That’s the nice thing about rock seeds, at least – you can plant them where you want them!

  4. Sangre de Cristo translates to the blood of Christ and it’s a lovely range o’ the Rocky Mountains but I’m thinkin’ this translation is sufficient fer your needs and rock seed (not necessary to be multi-lingual).

    Caution: That rock seed thrived at near on 8000 feet above sea level, you should oughta acclimate it afore ya plant it.

  5. Will you be bringing rock seeds to the next plant exchange at the MGC?? I would love to have some.
    Becky B

  6. I plumb forgot about the acclimate question, apologies for the tardy response. The elevation thang is probably OK, but you should oughta put the rock seed in the fridgie to allow it to go dormant for a while. Since we’re very seasonal here in the Rocky Mountains a good chill would surely help but keep me posted on your temps there in the South and I’ll tell ya when to put it outside. By the way Evie, you and Jones’ banter is a true source of humor!

    1. Sheesh Duncan! I’ve already got the iris seeds you sent in the fridgie. If I add a rock and then heaven knows what else that ya’ll decide needs a period of dormancy, there won’t be any room for the FOOD. I do like to eat, you know? Don’t lissen to a word that Evie says. She exaggerates.

      1. Lawd, it’s a good thang I didn’t send you a medium sized rock seed, you’d starve. That seed you have is an extra-extra small.

      2. Duncan, don’t believe a word of what Jones says, she always denies what I say. Put the rock seed in the fridge? You 2 are nuts but I love reading the blog and the responses. Jones has made me put on my calendar next weekend to work in the dirt with her on the property. The horrors I tell yah, of DIRT, but I’m sure a lot will happen and it will be the source of much amusement. We can’t get together without something happening. I just don’t know what to do with her.

        1. Duncan – this is a prime example of her exaggeration. I know she can’t handle dirt so I asked her to help me clean out the greenhouse to get ready for winter. Won’t be a whole lot of dirt she’ll have to touch. A lizard or two, perhaps, but no dirt.

          1. What?! Lizards? I may have a funeral to go to now that I think of it. You know I don’t do bugs, creepy crawleys and NEVER EVER EVER snakes. I’m re-thinking this helping thing.

          2. Let’s blame Duncan. But I’m telling you Jones, if I see a snake, that will be the last time you see me on your property. I can take something crawling up my leg causing me to undress out in the middle of your yard but SNAKES I can’t do. You’ll have to find another “working” friend if I see a snake. But I’ll still love you. From afar.

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