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In living on a rural route, I have learned that animals appear on your doorstep as if out of thin air and without identifying papers.  It continues to confound me.

You’ll recall that a Vietnamese potbellied pig showed up in Mr. Golf Cart’s dog kennel. Sometime after the pig, Mimi/Hobo peered in the French doors at Poppie at 3 a.m. and Poppie let him in.

Big Foot and Whiskey showed up at my door almost simultaneously in early 2012. Poppie refers to them as my “dogs” because they follow me around our acreage. Big Foot will follow me right into Poppie’s house (I’m the evening cook) and plops down within three feet of me. He doesn’t come in my house because Whiskey won’t allow it.

A rooster showed up unannounced at Red’s. In Who’s Crazy, I admitted not knowing what to make of Red when she moved in because she had primary red hair the first time I saw her. The rooster made its uninvited presence known in a roosterly fashion. Red’s little dog cornered him in Red’s fenced yard. The ensuing ruckus had Red flying out of the house half-dressed for a rooster rescue. Much to my consternation, Red was allowed to stay.

Now a new critter has shown up at Red’s house on the Southern Rural Route . A baby pig. I knew a big pig was over there because it kept getting out of its pen and running down the street visiting everyone’s yard, including ours.

Just as mysterious as uninvited animals is Mr. Golf Cart’s uncanny ability to be the first to know Southern Rural Route news. I live next door to Red but knew nothing of the new baby pig until Mr. Golf Cart mentioned that he and the Missus went a-callin’. While at Red’s, they also visited with the big pig, Joey the Rabbit and Red the Rooster.

Red, Mrs. Golf Cart and the big pig
Red, Mrs. Golf Cart and the big pig
Photo credit: Mr. Golf Cart

I would rather take in stray cats than roosters because Red’s rooster crows all day long with the enthusiasm of Tarzan beating his chest and there is no way a rooster is crawling in bed with me on cold nights like my cats.

I was relieved when he eventually stopped crowing every five minutes. After several days of this, I finally realized he either went traveling again or he wound up in Red’s frying pan. If he had kept his beak shut, he might have lived happily ever after.

21 thoughts on “STRAY ANIMALS”

  1. In years gone by, as I was growing up, an alarm clock was unheard of nor was it needed as our rooster, in all his mighty splendor, started crowing at the first sign of light, as did my Aunt’s guineas, across the field and 2 miles away, started their racket. Such a pleasant and natural way to awaken, I think. Daddy strongly discouraged my brother and I making pets of the animals, since they always ended up being sold or on our plates! Dogs and cats were different, but they were on the farm for a reason, to warn of danger and keep the yards cleared of mice, rats, snakes and other critters. No matter how much we loved our dogs and cats, they were never allowed inside. As I write this, my 18 year old cat is laying across my lap. 🙂

    1. Farmpest – I wasn’t keen on Red’s rooster because he crowed all day long. Maybe that’s why he was looking for a new home… I do agree it’s a more natural way to awaken than the jarring of an alarm clock. Our lifestyles have changed so much in the last 100 years and I’m not sure, at all, that it has been for the better. I like seeing that people are starting to grow their own food again. I recently went to the pet adoption thingie. I wanted another snowshoe siamese. One outfit didn’t want to adopt out their cats if they were going to be outside cats because they felt that indoor cats lived longer. Perhaps, but at what cost? By being outside, they can eat the grass that they need and enjoy sniffing the air. I allow Whiskey in for regular visits and both are allowed in during the winter nights but my cat allergies are bad enough that I no longer want them indoors 24/7.

    1. This is true. Saturday a friend was visiting my gardens when something crawled up her pants leg and bit her. She was so freaked out, she started coming out of those pants. By the time we got to the porch, she was down to her granny panties.

      1. Yes, I was down to my granny panties and I looked very stylish in them also. Shorty and I have looked and I was bit at least 4 times. Thanks for the baking soda paste that took the sting out of them but now they itch yet are tender as heck. I’ll still help you again but next time I’m coming out there naked so I can see what’s crawling on me before it bites me.

      2. Well, what can I say? By the way, keep your grasshoppers at your place. I really believe you threw those 2 in my car before I left. I caught the devil killing those things as they hopped around my house. I’d jump then my dog Ecko would jump. He’s got at least 90 lbs. on those grasshoppers and he was more scared of them than me. Sometimes I wonder why I feed him and treat him so well. He is no help when it comes to bugs. He’ll coming running to me if a palmetto bug gets in the house and Lord don’t let a frog get in. He really gets the heebeejeebees with frogs.

  2. I am reading this feed between you and Evie and just giggling out loud! Cause had that been me….I’d have been naked on the porch with her! It’s amazing how quickly I can shed a shirt in a flash if I think there’s a bee or a spider on me! 🙂 Love the post. ♥ paula

      1. She ain’t lying. If she hears water splashing, it’s all over. She starts shrieking, “I don’t do nekkid so get off the phone until you have some clothes on” (like she can really see me). Sometimes I slip in the tub and sit real still so she won’t hang up on me. Have you ever heard such nonsense? She can’t talk to a nekkid person, really? I guess that’s why she took off running under the pretense of getting me some baking soda paste to put on my stings because she couldn’t stand to see that I was too sexy for my pants.

        1. Evie – You are incorrigible! I moderate my comments and I’m not letting you say another word about my idiosyncrasies. Have you heard of discretion? The whole world doesn’t need to know that I don’t do nekkid. 🙂

      2. Aww gee, I’ve got some really funny things to tell about you. That’s alright I’m going to start my own blog and name it “You Wouldn’t Believe What the Furrball Did,” and tell everything. Then again, I may write a book and I know it will be a best seller.

      3. Well I may end up in the pokie because, after reading all of your shenanigans, readers will laugh themselves to death. I’ll end up being charged with manslaughter and the glamour slammer will be my home for life.

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