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green beans 2013-1576

I have been looking at that bean patch with the dread of someone facing the firing squad. I just did not want to go out there and pick ‘em.  Nor did I want to hear Poppie screeching at the dinner table, “Beans again?”

So I put it off a day. Then another and another.  Today I sat in my rocking chair on the front porch sipping some lemonade while glaring at those beans. Finally, I forced myself in front of the firing squad to pick the beans. Some of those beans are so big they look gnarled. Now I gotta shell the gnarled beans on top of not wanting to deal with the beans in the first place.

Can them you say? I have only a water bath canner and beans supposedly have to be done in a pressure canner. Thus, it becomes necessary to eat them or fob them off on some unsuspecting neighbor. Aren’t you glad you don’t live next door?

20 thoughts on “BEAN OVERLOAD”

  1. As the cost of food rises the folks at your table are going to be happy to have those beans at some point in the future; as the discussion of the nutritional value of foods expands so will the pleasure of eating those beans. It is like everything we do as parents, the gratitude will not come any time soon.

    1. Charlie – I have to admit my beans TASTE better than any I’ve bought from the store. Probably because they are fresh, not a month old. Poppie had the decency not to say a word when I put beans on the table again yesterday. At least he won’t have to eat squash for weeks. Squash borers have already gotten them. I got a two-color hybrid F1 squash last year from a class at the County Extension Agent. It seemed less susceptible to borers so I’m going back to that next year even though I prefer to use heirlooms.

  2. Dilly Beans? What say ya ship ’em to CO? We won’t see beans for another month and I’d durn near give up my first born for a fresh bean…oh, but wait, it’s too late for that, dang it. Thanks for the humor Jones.

  3. I was going to suggest blanching and freezing, too. What freezing method did you use? Or, you could set up a roadside stand or find a farmers market. :-). Wish I was closer. I would love fresh beans for dinner. Sigh.

    1. Angie — I blanched the beans, popped them in zip lock baggies and into my refrigerator freezer. Don’t have enough for a roadside stand or farmer’s market. Just enough for Poppie and me or sharing with nearby friends or neighbors.

  4. I’ve planted beans over and over this Spring… I finally have a couple rows just emerging… the rodents ate the rest of the beans, as quickly as I could plant them.
    It isn’t funny… do all that soil prep, and the voles move in on the fresh beds and eat the seeds.
    Your beans look nice, I wouldn’t be complaining.

    1. Stone – My Dad got discouraged towards the end of his veggie garden stint with animals coming in at night and mowing the beans down when they were barely out of the ground. Thus far, I haven’t had the problem but I certainly empathize with your situation.

      1. Yah… The critters love bean plants, the voles like to eat the roots… But this year… The voles were going down the rows and eating all the seeds that I planted… Before they even had time to sprout!
        I finally had to give up tilling, and plant stuff no-till… In order to get anything to come up…

        I usually use an egg solution over the plants to protect them… But this year… That isn’t working… Rats like eggs…

        1. Stone – Can you blame the voles? Beans taste good. Especially pole beans, in my opinion. Can you explain the difference between tilling and no-tilling or give us a link to your blog where you’ve explained why this works and how? Ditto for the egg solution.

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