Post last updated: October 11th, 2018

sago palm new growth 1-1532

sago palm new growth 2-1533

sago palm new growth 3-1534

a few days later
a few days later
sago palm, male Mr. Beekeeper's yard
sago palm, male
Mr. Beekeeper’s yard
same sago palm different view
same sago palm
different view
sago palm, female bloom
sago palm, female bloom


12 thoughts on “SAGO PALM — NEW GROWTH”

  1. I think the new fronds are so pretty. Especially when they first come out and standing up straight. It is like the Sago Palm is a wearing a crown.

  2. Your gorgeous photos demonstrate what wonderful details plants have, if only we look really close! Sometimes I wish my eyes had a built-in macro lens!

    1. Meta – Thank you for the compliments. My thoughts are always directed at my regular readers because they are the ones who keep me going but I often update posts with new knowledge or photos for all the “strangers” who come for info but never say anything. Comments mean a LOT to me.

      1. Linda, I can surely understand that comments are important. For one, it tells you that the Reader likes your post and secondly, comments keep you knowing you are on the right path.
        Keep on going Linda. I really like your down to earth and often very humorous posts. And of course your photos are always right on.

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