GARDEN TIP – Coneflower Seedlings

Post last updated: November 1st, 2018

I start my seedlings in pots so that I know where they are and don’t accidentally weed them out of the flower bed. This post is for gardeners who like to plant their seeds directly in the soil.

When you plant seeds of Echinacea Paradoxa (Yellow Coneflower), the first two leaves that appear are very round, then a single bladed leaf shoots straight up into the air. Really weird looking. Eventually, a second blade shoots up.

Echinacea Paradoxa yellow-1527

This is how much the same echinacea has grown in two months. Well, almost two months. Today is July 19th and the 23rd would be the full two months.  Slow growing, if you ask me.

Echinacea yellow two months of growth-1699

14 thoughts on “GARDEN TIP – Coneflower Seedlings”

  1. Thanks for this post and the pictures. I never have much luck with growing seeds directly into the garden as the weeds take over before I can identify my seedlings. So…..I think I will grow them in pots and other containers from now on.

  2. There is no telling how many flowers I have pulled up by accident after planting with seeds. I finally started marking the areas as a reminder. (p.s.-I never did find that email you told me to look for)

    1. Brenda – I thought you start a lot of yours in the greenhouse? I remember seeing a photo of your plants outside the greenhouse after you were hardening them off. Or have I lost my mind, as usual. Send me your address again. I can’t find it. It’s ok to put the addy on my blog because nothing posts until I approve it.

        1. Brenda – I have a quarter ton of seedlings I’m trying to raise in the greenhouse until it gets too hot. I start a few more every other day. Not everything comes up cuz I’ve got some “old” seeds that I simply must plant rather than trash. Got the addy.

  3. Congrats on the babies… I wouldn’t have expected success from a spring planting…
    Where do you get E. paradoxa seeds?
    I totally want some of those Ozark echinacea, and I don’t want to purchase nursery grown plants… for my voles to eat… or for the drought to kill…

    1. Stone – I paid $2 for a 2013 packet of 30 seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Thus far, only a third of them have germinated but if I get that third to LIVE, I’m happy because I didn’t follow the directions. I did put them in the ‘fridge for “cold stratification” but I did not start them indoors or direct-sow in the garden. I like starting my seeds in pots so that I can see what comes up. The packet does say “can be autumn-sown for blooms the following year.” Did you see on Facebook that the Wall Street Journal did an article on them —

      1. Finally… I found my way back! Yer invite didn’t include a link… And yer link isn’t on yer FB either… And I haven’t been near a computer much lately…. Yer new pics look about how I would expect… You still might get blooms this year…
        Tell blonde Brenda that plants that she can’t name aren’t weeds…

        1. Stone — It seemed presumptuous to put my link on your FB page so I didn’t. I’m not very hopeful about blooms this year. Doesn’t matter, anyway, as I don’t expect blooms the first year. Just thought you’d be interested as you seemed to want some of them. I’ll go looking for Brenda’s weeds.

      2. Next time…. Leave a comment on a blog post… So I can follow your signature back… Or just add your blog link to yer “about” at Facebook.

        1. Okey doke. Next time I’ll leave a comment on YOUR blog, maybe with a link. This was an OLD post I was updating, that I thought you would remember. I continue with my blog because I have a few regular readers/commentors. Without their input, blogging wouldn’t be any fun. Nevertheless, I do go back and update OLD posts for the benefit of those who find me because they are looking for something in particular.

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