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I awakened at 2 a.m. Tuesday morning coughing and shivering from cold. After piling on extra blankets, I hit Facebook and discovered Amishland Heirloom Seeds. The two websites took several hours to explore.

Around 4 a.m., I wondered what the cats were doing. The minute I opened the front door, Whiskey ran in but I noticed Big Foot’s face in the door of the cathouse Poppie built.

Big Foot in Cathouse
Big Foot in Cathouse

I painted the cathouse then Momma, a mere three weeks before she died, helped me sew a bed for it. The cathouse was presented to the cats on December 5, 2012 and placed on my porch with its door facing my front door.

This is the first time I’ve seen either cat use the cathouse and no wonder, it was 46 degrees! I was so amazed that I found myself lying down on my living room floor at 4 a.m. shooting the above photo with no more light than provided by one of those Bug Light bulbs in the front porch light fixture. Thus, the poor focusing even with auto focus.

9 thoughts on “THE CATHOUSE”

  1. What a cute little house. My babies would appreciate such a lovely place to hang out. I think Momma must have looked down from her spot in heaven and told Big Foot to get his furry butt in that house and enjoy Darnit!

    We are having extreme cold past two nights too. Temps down in the 30’s leaving us scrambling to cover tender plants.

    1. Kim – It is 8:30 a.m. and just barely touching 60! Shiver me timbers! I hadn’t thought about Momma telling those stupid cats to get in the cathouse. I’ll bet she did. It’s been there in that same spot since I gave it to them. Poppie built it for them.

      1. Cats always do things on their own terms. My vet always says I am part cat, I just realized she must be referring to me and my stubborn streak.
        Yesterday temps in the 30’s in the am – today sunny and in the 80’s wow what a difference a day makes.

        1. Kim – I know cats are strange but I find a big difference in the attitudes of my two indoor cats (now deceased) and these two mostly outdoor cats. The indoor cats didn’t seek me out much but the outdoor cats do. We are headed into the mid-80’s this weekend and by the following weekend will hit 90. Ugh. It wouldn’t be so bad but for the humidity.

  2. I’m surprised he could get his big butt in the house. Did he back into it? Those cats of yours act more like dogs and why does every animal on your property have such a big butt? I mean, the first 2 cats were huge and these 2 strays you took in are huge, too. Does everything grow large on your property? And I’m sure you noticed I didn’t say a word about you, dahlink. Those cat houses around there are cute and I’m sure Momma had a word with Bigfoot.

    1. Evie dahlink – I know you wouldn’t say anything about my pleasingly plump body because you are a health nut who wouldn’t do or say anything to cause pain or abuse to your body. You are so very smart that way. However, you do occasionally challenge me with the question I can not answer — like whether or not Big Foot backed into his house — because you know I hate questions that make me cuss. I’m hoping Momma told him to get his furry behind in the house cuz it was cold.

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