Post last updated: October 11th, 2018

I saw him smirk. He carefully avoided eye contact as he trundled by on his riding mower. At least he didn’t bust out laughing. No doubt he was thinking something along the lines, “Just what does she expect to accomplish with that thing?”

I stood a little taller, lifted my chin and kept right on walking with my eco-friendly push mower in front of me. I realize it’s not up to the task of mowing our whole two acres but at least it can get inside my pergola where his big old riding mower with leaf baggers won’t fit. I haven’t used it much over the years but when I need a mower, it serves a very important function: I do not have to crank it or snatch a pull cord to get it going, all of which intimidate me.

Can I get a round of applause for my eco-friendly push mower?

push mower-1494

13 thoughts on “CAIN’T GET NO RESPECT”

  1. I love those and I love the sound it makes. It’s very soothing. I’m reverting back to using tools my grandmother used, too. I can’t crank and pull strings like I used too and you don’t have to worry about these starting! Good for you.

    1. Brenda – I have been “reverting” back to old-timey tools. After chemo/radiation in 2005, I started ditching plastics in favor of glassware, I cook from scratch, I often clean with baking soda, I have a hand-plow I’ve used for YEARS, and I’m starting to pay attention to medicinal herbs. Somewhere along the way, we took a really wrong turn…

    1. Kim – Sculpture! Yard art! I’ll bet it looks real good among your flowers. Is it rusty? Will it still work? Did the blades self-sharpen back then? Can you do a post on it on your blog so we can see? I also want to read about all your artwork hanging on the fence.

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