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This month I have been to two garden club plant sales and I wanted to show you my haul. Or loot.

On April 6, 2013, I went to the Jacksonville Garden Club’s Blooms Galore & More sale in our historic Riverside neighborhood. I added these two to my Bromeliad Garden:


Plus this Angel Wing Begonia (on left) and a Toad Lily (on right). I had been patiently lusting after a Toad Lily so I was beside myself to find one for $3. I can’t wait to see what kind of bloom it will have. If it has spots I’ll be happy.

Angel Wing Begonia and Toad Lily
Angel Wing Begonia and Toad Lily

On April 27, 2013, I went to the Mandarin Garden Club’s Plant Sale & Garden Festival across the river. I try not to go over the Buckman Bridge any more than necessary ever since the first car went over the railing and into the drink. After the second car went over, I thought about walking the bridge but with my luck, I’d trip over a tin can and throw myself into the drink.

I wanted to arrive at 8 a.m. when the doors opened but it didn’t happen. Just as well since I wanted some of the BBQ. Fab-O BBQ! One of the vendors had an interesting cloth corn and baked potato bag. It seems you can cook baked potatoes in your microwave INSIDE the cloth bag and it will taste like a real baked potato rather than a microwaved potato. A word of caution: sweet potatoes might not be the tater to nuke in these bags. One of the Garden Club members admitted to setting her cloth bag and the inside of her microwave on fire with a sweet potato. Didn’t phase her a bit, she was going to get a new Baked Potato Bag before the day was over.

Here’s my plant loot from the Mandarin Garden Club, going counterclockwise from left to right:

Mandarin Garden Club Loot
Mandarin Garden Club Loot
  • Starting with the light green plant which is a Scented Geranium of the Peppermint variety. I had no idea there were several kinds of scented geraniums which proves that you should hit at least one of Linda Cunningham’s sales each year. I had earlier gotten a different scented geranium from her
  • Two Black and Blue Salvia
  • Blooming Larkspur that has not been hybridized according to Linda Cunningham
  • Juncus – the tall, dark green spikey thing. What can I say? It Caught My Eye.
  • Purple Passion Vine
  • Yellow ‘Lutia’ Passion Vine
  • Vicks plant that smells like Vicks VapoRub. Why would anyone want a plant smelling up their yard like Vicks VapoRub? I thought it was just the thing for me. People have been telling me for years that I ain’t right. A Vicks VapoRub plant removes all doubt.

I also picked up some Catmint at Cunningham’s booth. I’d heard that old line about cats liking the stuff and I wanted to see if it was true. If it was, my cats would be happy and they couldn’t crab about me not bringing them anything. So here’s what happened: first, I watered it because the soil was really dry. Set it on the edge of the porch. Whiskey checked it out immediately and with great interest. Big Foot, who was lying two feet away, suddenly got up and slapped the living daylights out of Whiskey and took over the plant, burying his face in it. I’ve never seen the likes. I checked on the poor plant a few hours later and this is what was left of it:

Catnip after cat attack-1476

16 thoughts on “GARDEN CLUB LOOT”

  1. First I have to say this is a gorgeous cat! Love your plants as well. Can’t wait to get a yard to try new plants and crazy stuff like Vicks VapoRub.

    1. Hey Farmpest — That was a FREE cat. I think he had been hanging around a while before I realized he wasn’t Poppie’s cat (they looked alike). He would sit in the Wildflower Bed and watch me. I started feeding him but I have the scars to prove he was very feral and didn’t want to be touched or picked up. A trip to the vet for neutering turned him into a Wonderful Cat but it was a year before I got him in the cat carrier. Leave it to me to find a Vicks VapoRub plant!

  2. Big Foot has bigger punchers than my cat – mine only has one extra toe per foot, perhaps Big Foot has more? Good luck with your larkspur. Mine never did much because I think it just got too hot in Florida after that early-season tropical storm.

    1. Dena – Thanks for the warning on the larkspur. I’ll try putting it in deep shade. On the back feet, Big Foot has 4 toes and a thumb way up his leg. On his front feet, he has 6 toes, more or less. He is so cute when he’s running towards you with those giant front feet. He’s a big, stocky cat whereas Whiskey often looks like an Egyptian cat to me. They do NOT get along.

  3. Well your catnip works! Very funny… great haul of plants you have. I hope your toad lily has spots too 🙂
    I haven’t heard of the potato bags for the microwave – they sound interesting (although a bit of fire fighting would be a bit too interesting for me…).

    1. PJ – I hadn’t heard of the potato bags either but the woman told me she found them on the web with directions for sewing. Yep, the catnip works. I was just amazed. I keep checking the plant and I don’t think they’ve mauled it since 2:30. It might get to live after all.

  4. I am quite jealous of your toad lily. Like you, I’ve been lusting for one, but have to find it at a good price (and figure out where to put it)! I didn’t realize that passion vine came in yellow! Are you going to plant the purple and the yellow together? That would be just gorgeous! I didn’t think cats really cared about the catmint, but I guess I was wrong! I don’t think my cats care about mine, but come to think of it, one has disappeared, and the other is much smaller than it should be. Hmmmm….

    1. Holley – I don’t know where to put my toad lily, either. For starters, I’ve got to research whether it wants full sun or partial shade. I hadn’t thought of putting the purple and yellow passion flowers together. Thanks for the idea! I probably should get the catmint in the ground so they could just lay on it rather than knocking the dirt out but I always try to be careful with mint.

  5. Love the loot! My toad lily does really well with afternoon shade. I had catmint for a while and my cats didn’t even look at it. hmm. And I’ve never heard of a vicks vapor rub plant–interesting! I’m gonna look that one up.

    1. Brenda – Ya know, I suspected that toad lily was gonna want some shade. Something about the dark, spotted leaves. Unless, of course, plants have started communicating with me telepathically. I gotta look up the VapoRub plant, too.

  6. Ooooo, nice haul Jones!

    Toad Lily: I’ve been eyeballing lilies of late due to you, hafta look that one up and will do so as I need to move almost all the lilies today. Mine are all plain ol’ day lilies, one clump growing in the roots of the grapes which is fine in early spring but once that arbor fills in, there is little sun for the po’ thangs.

    Scented Geranuims: Try the citronella, I have them around the seating areas-helps keep the biting bugs away.

    Catmint: Yers should be just fine, mine is verra resilient. Her Bobness was rolling in it the other day. Bob’s mint is about 6-7 years old so is quite big and I surround it with bricks at its base so it is less invasive and helps it to stand tall. I can chop it mid-summer and get a whole new plant.

    Your vines will be perennials, right? Most all the vines I really like are annuals here, though they are hybridizing them more and more, perhaps I’ll have luck overwintering one next year.

    I could go on and on but I’ll stop there on the plants, we are finally having spring in CO!
    Love those toes on the BF cat.
    vicks vapo rub plant, yep, gotta look that one up, too!

    1. Duncan – Scented geraniums around the seating area to keep the bugs away? Really, seating area? Girl, you of all people should know that after Memorial Day, Floridians do NOT sit outside. It’s too hot.

      I’m not sure bricks are enough for any mint. Don’t they grow on underground runners? Gonner hafta research this, too.

      Glad the frozen flakes have stopped!

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