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No one wants to hear, “You’ve got bad breath,” or “You stink,” right? I especially did not want to hear “You’ve got weeds!” when I knew durn tootin’ well that I had weeds. Yet that is just what Poppie said to me on the phone. Followed by “Why aren’t you out in the yard?” Of all people, he has seen me grimace to get out of a chair, all bent over, then slowly, mechanically, try to right myself. My spine is in miserable condition after a 2011 car accident.

“You’ve got weeds!” did not have quite the ring of anticipation as “You’ve got mail” and worse yet, he made me feel as though my section of the property looked diseased. I need new relatives.

Poppie knows I have been out there weeding and cleaning up! It’s just that after I’ve worked out there for three hours, two days in a row, I’m not worth a flip the next three days.

Then too, it’s been brrr-assed cold here for more than a month. Windy, too. My pole beans came up but they’ve been shivering as if they have doubts about the wisdom of the whole thing. Nothing else has had the guts to pop out of the ground. I thought about going out there this morning to finish stringing those pole beans but I can’t find a single spot on my body that ain’t broke so I decided against it. I took the photo, below, a few minutes ago, in the rain. Do I have to weed in the rain? Yes, there are a few weeds but mostly, it’s weed-free. Can I get a little appreciation?

spring 2013 veggie garden-1444
Spring 2013 Veggie Garden
Flower seeds in small pots, potatoes in big pot, asparagus in yellow frame

21 thoughts on “YOU’VE GOT WEEDS!”

  1. So glad your Poppie can’t see my garden! And gardening is hard work on any body, especially bending over pulling weeds! It’s a never-ending chore. When I saw your headline, I thought that was a reminder for me!

  2. Well, there are weeds and then there are weeds. If they have a blue blossom, I leave them and call them wildflowers.. Weeds like chickweed, henbit and wild geranium will disappear with hot sun. So will Florida Betony, but I try to pull as much of it as possible, hoping that nasty white root comes with it. Dismiss Poppie with one of my father’s favorite put-downs: Go to Grass!

    1. Nell Jean – It was the Florida Betony and Dollar Weed that provoked him to screech, “You’ve Got Weeds!” as if I could ever get rid of either. I’ve tried everything. Pre-emergent herbicides, putting down a newspaper barrier before adding leaf mulch, yatta yatta. Nothing works. Go to Grass is pretty funny!

  3. Love your garden. Gotta have weeds to appreciate the veggies. I think Poppie just enjoys getting your goat!

    1. Farmpest — What are drinking? Gotta have weeds to appreciate the veggies! Couldn’t I at least have the kind of weeds where I might win once in a while? One NEVER even comes close to eradicating Florida Betony or Dollar Weed. It is so discouraging. You are right about Poppie trying to get my goat about the weeds, tho, because he’s still at it. He mentioned today that he needs to mow because he has weeds. I looked at him and said, “Yes, YOUR weeds HAD crossed my mind,” and he just giggled sheepishly.

  4. In the lawn, if it is green, I mow it and call it grass. Considering your back problems, I think I might try the same approach in the garden.

  5. Maybe you should pull some favours (surely you got some out there?!) and get your peeps to come and do some mulching for you… that’ll suffocate the pesty weeds for a while ;-). ps, very jealous about the amount of space you have going on there. an actual dedicated garden patch!

    1. Harmonious – I’ve got ONE friend who occasionally volunteers to help but her most recent offer was usurped by not one, but THREE funerals she just HAD to attend. I’ll bet some of those dearly departed were friends of friends twice removed. She just doesn’t like DIRT.

      1. Bite your tongue. You just aint right. You know I’m not retired yet so I’ve got to make the cheddar so I can retire early like you. I’m coming out to help your sorry self soon. Jeeeze, I just can’t get any passes can I?

  6. In spite of the snow (STILL snowing), I just saw a dandelion…now that is downright insult to injury!

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