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One of the fun things about having a blog that is mostly about gardening is being able to connect with other gardeners. Meta is one of my garden friends I met here on the blog more than a year ago. We have not met face-to-face but it is within the realm of possibility since we live in the same state. My post on the Window Boxes prompted Meta to send me a few photos.

First, the back story. Last summer, she lost a large oak tree in her front yard that had been shading a collection of Cast Iron plants. Without the shade, the Cast Iron plants burnt to a crisp and Meta’s son designed and built a “shade fence” with planters along the top.

Photo credit: Meta
Photo credit: Meta

The shade fence is also a divider between the flower garden (where the oak tree once stood) and an Azalea and Palm tree garden. The Cast Iron plants are behind the shade fence but you can’t see them because Meta cut them back to give them a fresh start. She says they currently look like victims of “a bad haircut.” Also not visible is a pineneedle path.

The large planter box holding her collection of daylilies in various shades of yellow was also built by her son (pictured).  Handy guy to have around, wouldn’t you say?

Photo credit: Meta
Photo credit: Meta

Meta doesn’t mind at all that people slow down to gawk or even take photos. After all, what better compliment for a gardener than the admiration of others?

19 thoughts on “META’S GARDEN”

  1. I am so impressed with Meta’s gardening. She and I have been friends for over 15 years and we always share gardening tips and plants to put in our gardens..I have learned so much about gardening from Meta. Her yard is truly a lovely sight. I have always commented on how beautiful everything is. I also have commented that her yard would make a great spread for a gardening magazine.

    1. Anita — I am so glad to hear that you and Meta swap plants. That is what gardening is all about. I absolutely love getting “pass along” plants. I would like to see that same spot in her yard a month or so from now. After those marigolds fill in and bloom their little heads off.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to find gardening friends through blogging?! And I LOVE the shade fence. What a great idea! I have some trees that will die in the near future. I had never thought about a shade fence, but what a great idea! She is very lucky to have such a hardworking son willing to help her out!

  3. Wow, drive-by-stopper of a garden for sure. The shade fence is a great idea and looks fab…wonder if that son needs a “vacation” to Colorado?! Thanks for sharing. Now I hafta look up Cast Iron plant, I’ve never heard of it.

  4. Thanks Linda for this nice write-up and thanks to all for the nice comments……David said he was glad I was not loaning him out, however a trip to Colorado would be nice. LOL.

      1. You wuss. You’ve got to tell her that it was nearly 80 degrees by the afternoon. Hey David could come play in the dirt in my yard in this sunny Florida weather and then take a dip in my pool if he wants a vacation. Whatcha think Meta? Huh huh (my eyebrows dancing up and down).

    1. Meta, hold that thought about a trip to Colorado…we are getting blasted by a spring storm bringing 6-10″ of snow. In a couple days though we’ll be back in the 70’s and it will be greeeen and clean! Tell David he’s safe! I’m in the building materials business and I can see the quality of work in the shade fence, kudos to him.

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