Post last updated: January 22nd, 2019

Sunday, I was zipping along in the Terminator (my automobile) when my lower jaw almost fell in my lap. This is what I saw in someone’s front yard:

Morse azaleas-1421

These azaleas were in deep shade even at high noon and my photography does not do it justice.  For perspective, I shot part of the house behind the azaleas so that you could see the azaleas reach the roof of the house.

Morse azaleas and house-1422


  1. Given the name of your transportation, you should update all of us on your travel routes and times so we can make sure to avoid crossing paths with you…

    1. Now lissen, Melon Man, Terminator has nothing to do with the way I drive and everything to do with the car’s past life history. Still, it’s not a good idea to be on the same road with me as people like to run me over. The last Geezer in 2011 totaled my car. Thus, the Terminator. Maybe I’ll post the Terminator story altho it has absolutely nothing to do with gardening and I do try to stay on subject.

  2. Beautiful. We have 3 yards in our subdivision that we pass every time we venture out and every time we return with the same tall, lush, full and plentiful azalea bushes. You have captured the view quite well although I agree there is no photograph that can completely capture the beauty and wonder. Every time we pass the azalea displays we say, “Beautiful. We love where we live.” Excellent photography, Chairman. Your subscribers are blessed indeed.

  3. Such a treat to see these…CO ain’t nevah seen an Azalea the likes o’ this. I’ve brought them home (grocery store versions) and kept them throughout the summer but lawsy these are amazing!

  4. They are lovely when planted in mass like that. I have red azaleas in mass in my front yard but either a blight of some kind or old age is slowly killing them off.

  5. gorgeous looking bushes mass planted like that. Maybe it’s just as well I live on another continent from the Terminator – it can’t swim, can it?

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