Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

With temps in the mid-20’s for two nights in a row, I haven’t slept well. Whiskey the Cat insists on sleeping indoors on cold nights.

He does not have the decency to sleep on the floor or even, Heaven forbid, the sofa. Nosireebob, he wants to sleep in my bed, preferably velcroed to my various body parts. You would think that with all my tossing, turning and yanking of covers that he wouldn’t be sleeping very well but other than vaguely focusing half an eyeball on me, he snores right on.

Sunday, I threw his furry behind out at 6:30 a.m. but due to lack of sleep, never quite made it out of slug mode.

Monday, I must report, I didn’t have the ambition of a turnip.


10 thoughts on “TURNIP THE HEAT”

  1. It has been real cold the last few days. Yes, indeed.
    Sorry to hear that Whiskey kept you awake. Maybe if you had a shot of the real thing you would have slept better?

  2. haha – My husband sleeps with a cat on top of his head! I don’t know how he stands it. I want them *away* from me! Besides, cats don’t care how well you sleep – they sleep the rest of the day anyway!

    1. Farmpest – When I had Bat Cat and Janie, now deceased, I liked having them somewhere on my bed. Whiskey, while a well-mannered cat for the most part (he thinks picking on Big Foot is a sport), somehow hogs the covers and half the bed.

  3. Stop picking on Whiskey. When I talked to Whiskey last he told me that you snore very loudly. I know you told me he snores but he says you snore louder. I suggested to him that he may have sleep apnea and maybe he needed to sleep in one of those masks. He then informed me that if he had to sleep in a mask then he was getting one for you also because you snore louder then he does and maybe you have a worse case of sleep apnea than he does.

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