Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Here’s another one for the category, It Caught My Eye.

The Grande Poobah sent me these photos of her handmade quilts. The first one is my favorite because of all the colors.


LS-Quilt green.jpg

LS blue quilt-3113



10 thoughts on “QUILTS”

  1. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful comments. These quilts were made for my grandchildren for Christmas plus one for a friend. They are fun to make. Who doesn’t like playing with color and fabric? Alas, I shall not sell a quilt. Too much pressure to be perfect which I most positively am not. You should try one. Just grab a bunch of scraps of fabric, cut them into squares and sew them together. In no time you will have a big piece of brightly colored fabric. Of course, the hard part is actually putting the batting and backing on and quilting it. If you use a machine you can do simple straight lines….my preference. Start small…you’ll love it.

    1. Dear Grande Poobah — Poor Evie doesn’t have TIME to make a quilt. She works for a well-known trial lawyer who does a LOT of trials. She goes to school three nights a week and to choir practice another. She is under 50 so that helps…

  2. I’m a quilt lover from way back and those are beautiful! I am working on my first “real” quilt right now and this has inspired me to actually finish! I really like the colors and patterns chosen. Very nice!

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