Post last updated: October 11th, 2018

Camellia, pink2-1365
Camellia, pink
Multi-colored camellia-1364
Camellia, multi-colored
Knock out rose-1357
Knock Out Rose
Red Geranium
Red Geranium
Bush daisy-1361
Bush Daisy
Okay, it’s not blooming but it IS pretty.
January King Cabbage
It appears I didn't find matching Shoes With Air this morning.
It appears I didn’t find matching Shoes With Air this morning.


  1. Jealous! Not of the shoes of course, but I do think they look down right comfy and I’ve been known to mix n match socks and shoes. As to bloomin’ things the only color I have is from a monster bunch of flowers from my local florist who is really good to those of us in the neighborhood. I don’t need my long johns on today but the gardens here are verra desolate this time of year. Thanks for sharing it helps makes the spring fever less feverish..for me that is, Bobthecat not only has spring fever, she has cabin fever and rips around the house like something really BIG is chasing her. I’m not even sure where my throw rugs are supposed to be anymore given she rearranges them every couple hours!

    1. Jeepers Duncan! BOREDOM is chasing Bobthecat! It’s not really pretty here at this time of year but at least it is not desolate of GREEN. Only reason those bush daisies are blooming is my covering them up with a sheet during freezing nights. My yard looks like a buncha dead bodies are lying around. Thanks fer checkin’ in.

  2. Absolutely lovely. Where there is life beauty can be found as life rebounds over the seasons. Even those shoes tell a story. About time to use those as planters.

  3. Meta? Bite your tongue. Well loved shoes is what you called them? I think they are more like trash on her feet. Those things aren’t cute at all. Just as I was looking at all the pretty flowers, BAM, out comes a picture of two despicable shoes that I wouldn’t wear to take the garbage out. Meta, please don’t encourage her. You know she’s not all the way there, anyway. I have to keep calling downtown to let them know she’s harmless so they won’t pick her up. What goof wears 2 different colored shoes with air conditioning no less?

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