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I’m starting a new category unrelated to gardening or living on a rural route. It will go by the name, It Caught My Eye.

Here is the first offering – a mural on the side of an elementary school. As I was driving by, the flash and sparkle of the mural pieces literally caught my eye. I told a few friends about it and it turns out that one of my friends works there as a teacher’s aide. She said that the art teacher got all the students and teachers to participate in creating it.

 Mural 1-1336

Mural 2-1331

Mural 3-1332

Mural 4-1333

Mural 5-1334

Mural 6-1335

14 thoughts on “New Category”

    1. Lynn – You are right, they don’t but it was the best I could do with the available light, my skills, and my 8-year-old camera. What you can’t see in these photos are the mirrored pieces that must have glimmered in the sun the day the mural caught my eye.

  1. Isn’t this school on Herschel Street? My daughter use to live down the street from a school that looks just like this one.

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