Post last updated: October 10th, 2018

Okay, I’ll confess. Before I followed P. Allen Smith’s advice to make myself a composter out of a trash can, I was guilty of opening the back door and throwing stuff in the bushes. How long this went on while I worried over fashioning myself a composter is not the issue. The issue is exactly what went out the back door into the bushes – broccoli stalks, peelings, watermelon rinds, even a few pineapple tops. Sometimes I threw the pineapple tops into the woods because it takes so long for them to break down. I now suspect that they don’t break down at all. First, I found one in the woods and moved it to my potato patch. Now look what I have found:

The pineapple twins
The pineapple twins

You have to admit it’s odd. First, because there are two of them. Second, because they are side-by-side as if that was intentional. I promise you I had nothing to do with two pineapples showing up at the back door of my house like an old married couple. I can’t even throw stuff out the back door with that kind of precision. The critters must have done it. The most likely critters would be possums or raccoons. If the critters did it, that’s odd, too. Since when do critters plant a garden rather than just steal from my garden or from my compost pile? Any experts out there on pineapple planting perplexities?


  1. Thanks for the laff! Jeez Jones, I nevah thought I’d see the day I admitted (in writing no less), throwing my compost out the back door.

    As to the pineapples, I call that a gift from Ma nature. Mebee she just planted them together so they wouldn’t be lonely!

    1. Well, Duncan, I did confess, dang it! Confession is an acknowledgment that “normal” people don’t do something like that. No, no, Mother Nature could not plant something in a row like that. I think the critters did it.

  2. That is funny Linda. 🙂
    You have some landscaping critters experts there helping you out with your gardening.
    I must say the Pineapple plants are looking very healthy. They must like it there.

    1. It’s okay, Meta, if you think it’s funny. I, on the other hand, was agog when my eyes clapped on those two pineapple plants. They look a lot better than the one that’s planted out in the open with no protection.

  3. Maybe the top got divided by a critter? I understand the plants can grow to 5 ft across and start bearing fruit after 2 to 3 yrs. It would be exciting to grow one.

    1. Farmpest – They don’t look like divisions. They are the same size they were when I threw them out there. One of the Craigslist gals I bought plants from had a baby pineapple on her plant and yes, I’d be excited if I could grow one, too. If they are going to get 5 feet, I’d better move them next summer.

  4. Who cares? It’s free pineapples! I could never, ever just throw something out and have it start growing! I think your “throw and go” type of composting has done well for your soil!

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