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Last December, I told you about my Shoes With Air (WordPress has monkeyed with the link tool and it doesn’t work) being full of air-conditioning holes because I hadn’t purchased any in recent years. Stores stopped marking canvas flats down to $3 at the end of summer. So I hadn’t purchased any in several years and mine were way past the idea of starting to wear out.

At the end of summer, my canvas flat inventory reached critical status. Several pairs had been tossed in the trash and I was forced to spend $7.99 on one new pair. You caught that, right? One. The cash register at the back of my mind, the old one with the crank handle, was in cartoon mode cranking the very idea of having to buy several pairs at $7.99.

I was also tired of having wet feet from the morning dew soaking into the canvas and, of course, with holes all over the shoes, dirt under my toe nails was a common occurrence. You gotta worry about stuff like that when you tend to have bizarre accidents like falling face first in the dirt. Suppose I wound up at the hospital? A health professional might look at my dirty extremities and exclaim, “ Doesn’t this woman ever take a bath?” If I was unconscious, how could I explain that my dirty toe nails were the result of owning air-conditioned shoes? An alternative had to be found.

Garden clogs were intriguing but with a psychological spending limit in the $3 range, a pair of $70 clogs were unlikely to follow me home.

Once again, I looked at women’s rubber boots. The boots were shiny black with different colors of polka dots all over them. They looked like something a fashionista like my friend Evie would wear except that she has no need for rubber boots because she doesn’t do dirt. I put them in the buggy. As I walked around the store, my mental cash register started to balk at the $23 price tag and, in another one of those bizarre moments when I let go of the buggy for just a moment, it whirled itself around and headed back in the direction of the shoe department. It came to a stop at the rubber boots in the men’s shoe department. I was amazed. Why hadn’t I thought of this? I found basic black boots with a sturdier sole for $20.

Garden Boots-6801

Thanks to my buggy, I did not have to pay $3 for shiny polka dots. Evie, however, doesn’t like them. She wants me to paint polka dots on the boots to bring them up to fashionista speed. Sorry Evie, that kinda stuff just doesn’t matter to me.

32 thoughts on “LET’S TALK FOOTWEAR”

  1. Those boots will keep you warm and dry all winter. Not sure what sweating will do for it in the hot summer months.
    Anyway…good for you to go to the men’s department. I quite often do that too as I have big feet.

      1. If you need help beating yourself up, I’m here for you. I could come over and beat you for a while to give your arms a break and I would enjoy it. It’s the least I can do for family. I just hope you don’t sick your doggie-like cat on me because he sure does follow you wherever you go. I wouldn’t be safe.

  2. Well, winter might not be the best time for air conditioned shoes anyway 🙂 Those boots seem so nice and sturdy and warm. I really should get a pair. I usually garden in flip-flops (which have nearly caused many a possible fall) or my old sneakers (which are also air-conditioned!)

  3. Well why don’t you just beat me. Now I’ve got to worry about you falling and Poppie having to wheel your sorry behind to the hospital with boots that look like you should be spreading cement. They are the worst looking boots I’ve ever seen a woman wear. Where’s the bling and color? We need to see some color, darn it. I just can’t take anymore. I’m going to bed and I hope I don’t have nightmares of those dreadful boots. The shame of it all.

  4. Ha, Linda! I did the same thing – except mine are rubber and some weird mesh material that helps my feet to breathe. I haven’t used them much for dirt (that’ll come in the springtime) but when I’m cold, I put some fuzzy socks on my feet and top them off with my rubber boots. My toes have never been so warm. All that joy for less than $7 at Target…

    1. SEVEN DOLLARS! I overpaid! OMG, now I feel bad. It’s getting to where there are no bargains in Wal-Mart. I remember buying my TV at Target last year and this year I saved $8 buying a fold-up table at Target. I gotta quit shopping Wal-Mart.

      1. I originally went to Target after spotting two women wearing those black & white polkadotted boots you were probably talking about…I wanted them! But all that were left in the clearance section were my rubber/mesh boots. Target has a lot of cute stuff (and I am an anti-Walmart person, so…).

        1. Dena – I’m almost an anti-Wal-Mart person. I am most certainly in emotional solidarity with their striking employees. I think Wal-Mart is responsible for the loss of many U.S. jobs. They were the first major corporation to have part-time employees with no benefits and it spread to other industries. I think I read somewhere that they earn more in 3 months than Target earns all year. I’m not gonna beat myself up so bad now that I know you found your boots in the clearance section and that always amounts to being in the right place at the right time.

      1. I’m going to bring some rhinestones over and bedazzle those boots my self. I can not have my sista walking around looking like she is wearing mens boots even if she is. I gotcha sista I’m coming over to work on those boots and you are going to love them. I’m going to Hobby Lobby after work to make sure I get some great stuff for those boots. They are going to be works of art.

  5. You can girlie-up your boots with some hot glued jewels and stuff! Don’t you have some craft paint somewhere in that wonderful room with all your crafts stuff? Just make sure the hot glue doesn’t melt the rubber boots!

  6. I think you were smart to go to the men’s dept. for comparison shopping. I bought my boots on sale at Tractor Supply. I think I paid $7, too. :O They were on clearance, and are a little too short. But they didn’t have the larger size up, so squished toes are what I get for being cheap! I mean, frugal! 😉

    1. Ooooooo, all you people with your $7 boots. It makes me kick myself every time I think about it. Holley, you must live in a more rural area to have a Tractor Supply store. At least we still have 2 feed stores on my side of town.

  7. HI Linda, I think garden shoes are very important, need to be warm and cosy and waterproof. I must admit I paid more, for leather work boots, but Evie wouldn’t like them either because there’s no bling. PS Is doggie-cat a cat or a dog?

    1. Catmint – It’s helpful to me that you have no boot bling because that’s how I’ll get away with leaving my boots plain black. Gotta have something to shut up the fashionists like Evie. Doggie-cat refers to several articles I’ve written about my Blue Russian cat who acts like a dog. See Yard and Garden Cat, in particular.

  8. Oooh, I love the idea of painting your basic black boots. I mean if you don’t want to pay for the bling – create your own! You can paint polka dots, swirls or even flowers! Maybe a sunflower will brighten those dark things up. I bet Evie would help you or i could even help you next time I am in the vicinity.

      1. Ms. Priss, when are you coming? You tell me and I’ll meet you there with my crazy glue and badazzling kit. I bet Mom and Dad have some paint we could use. Those boots are going to be stunning once we are through with them.

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