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I’m looking to you experts for help with Whiskey’s family tree. I’m thinking there is something funky about it.

First, I should confess.  A number of you thought that I would weaken in my resolve to maintain Whiskey as a yard cat. I was certain you were wrong. It turns out you were half right. As the night-time temps dropped to a shivering 55 degrees, I started letting him in the house between midnight and 6 a.m.

Rather than sleep on the carpeted floor as I intended, he headed straight for my bed and then turned to look at me with that expression, “Aren’t you coming?”

I shrugged and joined him. For the first time since his arrival in early February, he began to purr like a motorboat with the throttle wide open. I had been under the impression his purr thingie didn’t work or was possibly broken.

As the cold nights persisted and he continued to think of my bed as his rightful place, I began to wonder if he was part hog. I offer the following as compelling evidence.

On the night of November 13, I couldn’t understand why he was cuddled up to my back like velcro. When I got up for some reason, I saw that his intent was not to cuddle with me. Rather, he was trying to get as much of his fat ass on my heating pad as he could and fully one-third of it was in his possession.

A few nights later, I found myself sleeping on the edge of the bed and, again, I couldn’t understand why I was hugging the edge when I usually sleep towards the middle. This is the reason I was on the edge:

Do you think it’s possible Whiskey has some hog in his DNA?

20 thoughts on “WHISKEY’S FAMILY TREE”

  1. I love that cat. He’s wrapped you around his finger like I suspected he would. He doesn’t look like a feral outside cat to me. He looks like a spoiled contented cat as I’m sure you can see.

    1. Evie – He’s still a yard cat for most of the day and night. At least until I finish painting his cat house that Poppie built for him. I don’t think he’s feral, either. He must have belonged to someone before he showed up here.

  2. How sweet. Please promise if you kick him out of your bed, you will purchase a cheap heating pad for his lonely, cold little house on your porch. I agree he was someones’ pet who gave them comfort before showing up at your place. God works in wonderous ways. 🙂

    1. Farmpest – Are you kidding? Cheap heating pads are probably made in China and would no doubt short-circuit and set his poor fanny on fahr. As for God working in wondrous ways … you will recall that I tried to PRAY this cat away. Sometimes God turns a deaf ear to us because he knows what is best.

  3. I absolutely melt for any kind of kitteh or doggeh belleh. I just want to rub the belleh. He’s cute, that’s for sure.

    If you’re using a heating pad to stay warm in bed, consider a full-on mattress warmer. It was one of the most wonderful things I ever purchased for myself. But then kitteh belleh can have his own side of the bed.

    1. Dena – Naw, I use the heating pad for my bad back compliments of auto accident 19 months ago. The problem with MY kitty is that he does not recognize boundaries such as “stay on your side of the bed.” You gonna NEED that full-on mattress warmer in Oklahoma.

  4. If Whiskey ISN’T a PLC (previously loved cat), he for sure has a gene for it.  It could even be a gene mutation.  Our sweet little Squeak’s mom was feral and the rest of the litter stayed that way.  When the rest of her littermates dispersed for different pastures, Squeak tried that for two days, waltzed into our apt. for a day and a night, spent another night outside, then returned to our place for good.

    Sounds to me like you’ve got a new roomie, at least at night.

  5. I had a good laugh over this post. Whiskey is a smart cat and knows exactly what he is doing. Lou recently told me our cat Autumn was establishing the ground rules in our home. I think your Whiskey is dangerously close to doing the same.

    1. Deb – I believe you are right about Whiskey establishing the rules. Saturday night I was at the computer. It was 10:30 so I opened the door to see if he was on the porch. His face must have been at the door because he ran in the house in a flash. I went back to my computer and he followed me. He proceeded to get up on the table, the keyboard and make himself obnoxious. Finally, I turned the computer off in exasperation and went to bed. Again, he followed. Curled up and went right to sleep. So I’m thinking, he didn’t want to go to bed by himself????

  6. I think cats choose who they want to live with – Whiskey knew you would take him in and give him a home. I’m reading a wonderful book that you would enjoy called “A Street Cat named Bob”, by James Bowen. Heartwarming! I thoroughly recommend it.

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