Brrr! I don’t do cold!

Hurricane Sandy and that arctic front brought wind and cold weather to North Florida which is preferable to what it did in New England but, here’s the thing: I’m a wussy when it comes to cold. So, of course, I was required Monday to put in an appearance at a few downtown buildings where the air-conditioning was still running full blast despite the wind and 56°. I know, I know. To people up north, 56° is just a brisk fall day. I don’t do brisk any better than I do cold.

Let me explain cold in the deep South. The humidity simply slides down the thermometer (technically, humidity is measured by a psychrometer or hygrometer). When that moisture turns cold and combines with some serious wind like Hurricane Sandy, it feels like you are being frozen into a popsicle right there on the sidewalk.

Tuesday I went outside in my woolybooger britches, two light jackets, my Denny Dimwit hat, and my socks, none of which matched, but it was time to load the greenhouse for the winter.

Greenhouse, right side
Greenhouse, left side

12 thoughts on “Brrr! I don’t do cold!”

  1. Oh, I have never been able to explain to people that Florida’s humidity doesn’t just go away in winter – it just gets colder and feels wetter. Bleh. Stay warm, friend!

  2. That explains why, when I was in VA last week, that even though the temp was lower, I didn’t feel as cold as here in FL.

  3. I don’t do cold very well, either. High here today was barely into 60’s. I am sitting in my house with a jacket on and a fire in the fireplace. I can’t just turn up the thermostat because I am married to a polar bear who never gets cold.

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