In Memoriam

Sometimes our family members fail to tell us the important things in life and we stumble on them by ourselves. Today, I went out to the greenhouse to get a shovel for a “pink” section I’m putting in an empty flower bed. What do my eyes spy but freshly disturbed soil with a cross marker.

I must admit I stopped in my tracks to consider it because it was long enough for a human. Plus, it was at the edge of the woods where I’ve been telling Evie and the Mad Tattah that I had a hole dug for them that I could put them in if they continued to abuse me. I knew I had mentioned this joke somewhere in the comments of this blog and on Facebook so, of course, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone had snuck in during the dead of night and, well, you know what I mean. It would be my luck to make a joke like that and get sent to the glamour slammer for something I didn’t do.

With the whites of my eyes flailing around in my eye socket, I went to the garage to ask Poppie if he knew anything about the freshly dug grave.

“My cat died,” he said.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

He then explained the circumstances. I wasn’t exactly sure how you could tell that a cat was a sure enough goner so I asked, “Did you check his pulse?”

A look of incredulity passed across Poppie’s face. The kind that suggested I had lost my mind or had been watching too many of those detective shows on television.  He went into greater detail to explain that Hobo/Mimi was, for real, gone.

Hobo/Mimi at mirror in the garden in better times

It was a heartbreaking day for all of us because Hobo/Mimi had been with our family at least ten years, maybe more. He came at three in the morning as a stray scratching and meowing at the French doors where Poppie sleeps in his recliner. He will be sorely missed by all of us. He was the nicest, most gentle and loving of the stray cats we’ve taken in. We are now down to the three feral cats – Mangy, Big Foot and Whiskey – not a single one of them a winner like Hobo/Mimi.

14 thoughts on “In Memoriam”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Hobo/Mimi. He looks like a gorgeous cat. It’s sad when our precious pets leave us. I think you should plant something special on his grave.

  2. So sorry for the loss of your elder cat! We had a tuxedo kitty for 19 years and it was oh, so hard to lose her. I can just visualize your eyes when you saw that grave! You are too much! Make sure your Poppie knows to fill you in sooner when something grave like that happens.

  3. Beautiful and I am so sorry for his loss. Please be extra kind to Poppie for awhile. I hate that he had to go thru this loss. I would however, have loved to have seen your face upon finding the grave marker! I can just hear you freaking out!

    1. I was extra kind to Poppie. He LOVED that cat. When I found out he even put him in a box (knowing Poppie, it was a custom built box), I gave him Big Foot because BF is a very young cat which gives Poppie a chance to start over. He might even be able to love some of the feral out of him. Yeah, it’s too bad Candid Camera wasn’t there when I saw that grave.

  4. I am so sorry for your loss, Mizz Chairman. But, like Evie, I found some humor not only in visualizing your freaking out but imagining your fear that either someone had already stuffed me or Evie in the ground or your greater fear that you would be saddled with the blame and no one to plan a prison break when you got sent to the slammer. And asking Poppie if he was sure seems a valid question to me. Course, I share that sick sense of humor you and Evie have. Hugs and prayers to you.

    1. Mad Tattah – You understood perfectly all my fears! I always envision one or the other of you sitting BESIDE me in the slammer. Sicko that you are, you’d be laughing hysterically with me but Evie would be berating me with every insult ever imagined by man. I definitely need one or the other of you to plan that prison break.

  5. Wow, that would be a shock to stumble upon some sort of grave!

    I’m so sorry for your loss – I’ve had cats ever since our first cat adopted us when I was seven despite my father’s protests. I still miss her!

    1. Indie – It WAS a shock and, of course, my imagination took over which made it worse. I know what you mean about missing pets of yesteryear. I still hope to someday meet up with Bat Cat on the other side.

  6. So sorry for the family’s loss. You really should stop telling people that you gonna bury Evie. You know what they say – loose lips sink ships and you don’t need to be sunk by your own tongue! Afterall, I don’t think busting out of jail is all that easy.

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