Yard and Garden Pest


I walked up to where Poppie was using my leaf blower to blow the acorns off the driveway. I told him, “You’re doing a good job” (family joke). I turned around to go back to my house to find that Whiskey had followed me. He was sitting at the edge of the driveway glaring at me with that “What are you doing off the porch?” look. I suwannee, I can’t do anything by myself.

He chastised me all the way back to the porch. I gave him a little more breakfast hoping to shut him up. He nibbled at that while I walked around back to begin washing the vinyl siding on that side of the house. In a short while, I noticed that Whiskey had joined me. I have a very narrow back yard because of the way my house is situated on the property. There’s a 3 foot strip of grass and maybe another 3 feet of hedge. He was lying in the grass at the edge of the ligustrum hedge, trying to stay out of the bleach and water. Sigh. The last thing I wanted to do was bleach him or step on him so I put everything down, turned the water off and said to him, “Come on.” There was no question that he would follow. When I got to the porch, I sat down in the rocking chair and like a lightning bolt, he was in my lap. I should have named him Lap Dancer.

After he had been properly petted, he jumped down and plopped on the porch. At that point, I was able to go back to my work without him being underfoot. Why did I have to get stuck with a cat that acts like a dog?

14 thoughts on “Yard and Garden Pest”

  1. I love that cat and I’m glad he found you. Welllllll now that you have loved on Whiskey its time to start on his winter house. I’ll make him some socks filled with rice so you can microwave them on cold nights and put them in his bed to keep him warm. I’m on it.

  2. Bless him! He looks just like my little cat who sadly died last year… she was always after hugs and fuss too. What happened to the tip of his ear?

    1. PJ – Someone in the neighborhood, which I must confess just amazes me, took him to be neutered AFTER I had already adopted the cat and taken him for shots. One of my readers said that when a vet neuters a feral cat, they tip their ears so that people will know that animal doesn’t have to be trapped and neutered. I was very upset about his perfect ear being tipped like that.

  3. I cannot stand, even for a second, anywhere near the television or Tipper will create a racket until I sit down and pet him–and he has a LONG attention span. If/when I sit in front of the computer, Mack politely asks, repeatedly, until I let him in my lap but at least he doesn’t stay long. Cats know when you need to relax for a bit and if you aren’t wise enough to do it on your own, the cats will keep after you until you do. Mind you, cats seem to think we need more relaxation than WE think we do.

    1. Mad Tattah – I don’t think Whiskey has any concern for my relaxation; rather, it’s total selfishness on his part. As for Evie, it was okay with me when she was doing routines on me with people I didn’t know and was unlikely to ever know, i.e., her co-workers. I may have to muzzle her.

    1. That’s the thing, Catmint. I’m a cat person and that’s the only reason these two strays were “taken in” by me BUT they didn’t come with a guarantee so what I’m stuck with is a feral cat that would sooner bite me than tolerate me in his space and the other one thinks he’s a dog. As my friend Evie would say, “These things don’t happen to normal people.”

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