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Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Evie always seems surprised that I have other friends. While she is very direct in her assessment of me — “you fool,” other friends are politely vague —  “you live an interesting life.”

Interesting, indeed. With great regularity, I am challenged by events that don’t happen to normal people. Momma claims that before I jumped out of the plane for this earthly existence, I failed to pack common sense in my parachute. I don’t understand how common sense would have helped me that day I dug up a chicken egg in my potato bed but I digress.

For instance, a few months ago, I went out to the brand new gourd bed thinking I’d do a little weeding. That lasted maybe ten minutes because of the humidity. Instead, I walked my yard art ladder up to the garage with the idea of working on it.

I acquired the ladder by simple observation. It was on Mr. Golf Cart’s trash pile where it likely would have gone up in flames because, really, how do you get rid of a ladder you no longer want? It has been a colossal headache for me to get city workers to pick up my yard waste neatly contained in trash cans. I can’t imagine how much pouting and curb-kicking would ensue over an 8 foot wooden ladder. The curb-kicking would be a feat, too, because we don’t have curbs on our country lane.

I solved it for Mr. Golf Cart, the trash men and the City. Everyone. Immediately recognizing the ladder as yard art, I got Mr. Golf Cart’s wife to help me walk it across their five acres where we set it over the fence near my Fern Bed. This occurred in the summer of 2011. For the winter, I laid the ladder on its side on top of the pine straw in my persimmon tree patch.

Termite damage

Over the winter, unbeknownst to me, termites almost annihilated the side laying on the pine straw. This came as a complete surprise to me because I always thought of termites as a disease. Logically, if you didn’t have termites, you didn’t have the disease. Poppie screeched at me, “What did you expect? Termites live in the ground.” I’m sure somebody besides Poppie, maybe even a lot of people, knew this but nobody ever told me. Just add this to the stuff I failed to pack in my Common Sense Parachute.

I did my best to “fix” the termite damage with a hand sander, primer and a coat of yellow paint. Poppie complained that I shouldn’t have painted it at all because yard art is supposed to look old and beat up. “Don’t you watch TV?” he barked. Since when is television the final authority? If I want my ladder painted to help preserve what’s left of it then, by golly, I’ll paint it.

Ladder as it looks today
Ladder and gourd strings

18 thoughts on “Yard Art – Ladder”

  1. Well, maybe you don’t have common sense, but you have lots of imagination and creativity to get things done in your garden. I love your “new” ladder. You did a great job.
    Also love that trellis. Maybe I can talk “someone” into making one for me too.

    1. Meta – Thank you for the compliment! For whatever reason, the bottom bar of the trellis was already there. I had to buy a 2×4 and get Poppie to put it up there for me. Then, of course, I had to paint everything yellow. I want to ultimately change the color of the shed because my house is white and its nearer my house than Poppie’s. His house is painted green and yellow. Been too hot to paint. One problem I’ve had with the trellis is that it gets only afternoon sun. The sun comes up on the other side of the shed and shades the gourd garden until about noon. The gourds don’t seem to mind, though.

  2. Very nice ladder you have there. Yellow is my favorite color. When the mood hits, paint flowers, vines or squiglies, or stamp art on the sides. Love the wheelbarrow. Most are plastic now and it wouldn’t be the same to poke holes in the bottom and plant flowers in those nor to sit them out for ambience.

    1. Farmpest – I was trying out the wheelbarrow look but decided I didn’t like it. It took up a lot of room in a very small flower bed and everyone else is doing the wheelbarrow look. So I put it back under the shed to rust some more.

  3. I think it’s looks perfectly perfect! In fact, you can even use the ladder for some springtime flowers, of the climbing variety. That would be pretty!

    1. Dena – Right now, the ladder has gourd and luffa leaves climbing up it. There’s a luffa sponge gourd on top of the shed roof. I had intended for that pink bougainvillea to climb up the ladder but apparently, it doesn’t climb without help.

  4. Evie didn’t think you had a sense of humor, either, when she first met you. I love the ladder, and I wasn’t born knowing termites lived in the ground, either. It would make sense to think that, since they eat wood, they must live in wood. Personally, I think creativity trumps common sense a majority of the time. So long as you know not to play with matches and to come in out of the rain, I think you’ll be okay. And with all of Poppie’s barking, he might have just scared some of that common sense out of you. 🙂

  5. I like your yellow ladder! My husband thought I was nuts last year when I wanted an old wooden ladder for my garden, but then he showed his true love by buying it for me for Christmas. I weatherized it by painting it with good exterior paint — color apple green. Now he likes it as much as I do, but if he hears what you paid for yours, he might not be so happy about his purchase!

    1. Deb — You gotta do what all married wimmin do. Determine that “he doesn’t need to know” about my free ladder. At least your new ladder won’t have termite holes if you keep it off the ground. I like the idea of apple green. Bright and cheery!

  6. It’s very cute painted yellow, and don’t let anyone tell you differently! I love ladders in gardens. So much possibility!

    I remember going into a museum of modern art, and you wouldn’t believe some of the things they had in there. To this day my husband and I still laugh about the exhibit ‘Blue Plank Leaning Against a Wall’. Yes, it was literally a blue plank leaning against a wall. So maybe you would have still had some sort of art in the form of ‘Termite Ridden Ladder Leaning Against a Wall’. Who knows? 🙂

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