Saturday Sidetrip

I tagged along with a friend to the Florida Heritage Book Festival in St. Augustine, Florida. My friend spent the day at the book festival but I slipped out between 11 and 12 because I couldn’t find a single presentation, out of the four offered, that warranted my sitting in their refrigerated rooms. What follows are random shots of things that caught my eye.

15 thoughts on “Saturday Sidetrip”

  1. Good for you for playing hookie on the book festival. Your street views are much more interesting, just a tiny taste of St. Augustine that makes me want more. Some gorgeous architecture and a blue spiky chain!

    1. Deb girl, you better get your eyeballs checked. That “blue” spiky chain is black. I need to consult some of the photographers who follow my blog (don’t ask me why, I have no clue!) for some tips on how I could have cropped that spiky chain to be more artsy. I thought about it but couldn’t figger it out. There’s a lot of neat, neat, neat architecture in St. Augustine but it has also become too touristy and so well-painted that you don’t realize how old some of those buildings are. Lots of neat shops, though, with souvenirs that could be decorative items in your home. We had perfect weather — blue skies, no rain, temps in the 80’s — but we were indoors most of the day.

    2. P.S. — The second photo is the former Ponce DeLeon Hotel which opened in 1897 and is now Flagler College. I couldn’t help but wonder if the kids recognized what a historical, and architecturally significant building they were housed in (I think part of the building houses dorm rooms). It even has stained glass windows. I photographed only the top of it from the Ringhaver Student Center and the ball and chain fence around the hotel. The difference in the blue sky color was a result of taking the first photo around noon and the second photo around 5 p.m. I also wondered it they ever thought about the sacrifices their parents made to send them to an expensive school like that.

    1. As a garden blogger, I was annoyed that they had only one idea for flowers — pink or red hibiscus. Occasionally, some bulbine. I know they plant for the tourists and low maintenance but jeez, even in the hibiscus, there are bright orangey yellow with red throats, white, light pink with red throats. They seriously could have done a better job of that.

  2. Did you venture into the Martini Bar? I would have had to have a quick peak to see if James Bond was around… and it would have been rude not to have had a drink! LOL 🙂 Looks a lovely place!

    1. Ah gee, PJ, I must admit it never occurred to me to take a look inside. Just the name of the bar appealed to my wacky sense of humor. St. Augustine (our nation’s oldest city) is FULL of shops and restaurants, all of whom hang out their “shingle” the way it was done in the olden days.

  3. You take amazing pictures girl. I love St. Augustine and your photos made me jealous. Oh how I wish I could visit there again.

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