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Each time we get more than our fair share of rain, wild mushrooms show up in the yard. Here is my entire collection of weirdos that have put in an appearance on the Southern Rural Route over the years. I offer these mushrooms for your oohing and aahing enjoyment only. I don’t know the common or scientific names of the majority of these mushrooms and I’m not trucking off to the library for a wheel-barrow sized encyclopedia on mushrooms.

Mushroom top was 4 or 5 inches and the stem about 3 inches in width.
Mushroom top was 4 or 5 inches and the stem about 3 inches in width.


Side view – the grass obscures the stem
Side view – the grass obscures the stem


Large unknown mushroom that appeared in our right-of-way
Probably 6 inches in diameter


I had to lay in the dirt to get this shot of the mushroom’s underside


I may have over-watered my begonia. Based on this mushroom having sprouted in a planted pot, I believe it is Leucocoprinus birnbaumii which is explained here.

Leucocoprinus birnbaumii in pot of begonia
Leucocoprinus birnbaumii in pot of begonia


an umbrella opens the second day

6 thoughts on “WILD MUSHROOMS”

  1. I have always loved mushrooms – not eating them, but just imagining that little people and gnomes lived nearby! (I may have been into fairy tales a wee bit too much as a kid). I recently read an article about edible mushrooms in Urban Farm magazine, but none of your photos look familiar so I couldn’t even begin to help identify. I sure do love that second to last mushroom pair, though. Little gnome umbrellas.

    1. I like Urban Farm magazine almost more than Mother Earth News. I like eating ordinary mushrooms from the grocery store like those little white buttons or baby portabellas but am too afraid of amateur mushroom hunting in the wild. The little gnome umbrella showed up in my strawberry pot just before the plant died. So I guess the umbrella mushroom is an ominous sign.

    1. I’m okay with ya’ll liking whatever mushroom you wanna like but ya’ll are not properly appreciating the last mushroom. My eyes nearly bugged out when I saw it on a tree stump. So I’ve added a second photo so you can really see how it grew out of the tree stump.

  2. I rather like the second one – after all it is multi-dimensional. You certainly get a variety. I only get two different varieties.

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