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I thought I’d give you a walking tour of the gardens at Southern Rural Route. The photos were taken on different days, different times of day. Most of what you’ll see here represents the work and creativity of Momma and Poppie.

Our driveway is in the center of the property. When you pull into the driveway, the big magnolia tree is to your left, along with a pear tree. To the right is a big oak tree, two pecan trees and other assorted trees in front of Momma and Poppie’s house. Looking down the driveway are two garages on the left and my humble abode in the back. In the foreground of this photo, you can see my addition of some giant liriopi from Cecelia. It’s not so sure it wants to live here so I need more ideas of drought tolerant plants that can go in this space. Where is P. Allen Smith when you need him? It gets baked from the heat of the concrete and has no water source near it. In order to water it, I have to fill my Easy Go Cart with water and walk it to this bed.

Once the driveway curves towards the two garages, the gardens begin. I live within the garden so I have the “best view in the house.” These gardens are in the middle south of the property. Momma put in a circular bed around a red-leafed plum tree slap dab in the middle. The daylilies were added the last few years when Poppie dismantled another bed so he wouldn’t have to weed it. It was a very small bed with what I thought were about thirteen daylilies. I saw the clump of daylilies sitting in a five gallon bucket and offered to help plant them because Poppie’s knees are bad even after two knee replacements. When he finished separating the thirteen daylilies, they became one hundred and eighty daylilies and I was not happy. Behind the daylilies, you’ll see the triangle bed with Poppie’s bird feeder.

Center Daylily Bed looking West with Triangle Bed in background
Center Daylily Bed Looking East
Triangle Bed Looking West

Right behind the southern end of the triangle bed, the meandering Azalea Bed begins. Beyond the Azalea Bed, you’ll see a fig tree. There’s also a loquat plum tree in that area.

Going further south, Momma’s Wildflower Bed is across from the meandering Azalea Bed to the right of the middle. In other words, behind the circular daylily bed is an expanse of grass between the Wildflower and Azalea Beds. To give you an idea of the size of the Wildflower Bed, here are several photos.

Wildflower Bed Looking North
Wildflower Bed looking South

Rose of Sharon

This is the entrance to my Fern Bed, installed in 2004.

Behind the Wildflower and Azalea Beds is a grassy area that was used, for about twenty years, as Momma and Poppie’s vegetable garden. When I put in my vegetable garden, I did not use their former veggie garden. I elected to put mine in directly next to, or behind, my house where full sun is not obstructed by trees. In that area are two persimmon trees, a shed and at the edge of the woods near the middle of the property, a greenhouse.

This concludes the nickel tour.

8 thoughts on “GARDEN WALKING TOUR”

  1. How beautiful. I love your property and it is so well taken care of even if Poppie has bad knees and you have a bumb back. I enjoy rocking in those rocking chairs you and Momma have on your porches and just looking at all the flowers, trees and birds. Everyone should experience that kind of tranquility. On the lucky days, we can see Mr. Golf Cart’s pig. You absolutely have a wonderful piece of land except at night it scares the devil out of me. Maybe it’s that alligator sitting in your other neighbor’s yard.

  2. Thanks for the tour! What a beautiful place. I love the landscaping, especially the Wildflower Bed. It all looks so serene and relaxing. Plus, I love all the large trees. But what made my eyes pop out of my head was the thought of planting 180 daylilies!!!

    1. Ain’t it the truth? Who would have thought 13 daylilies divided out into 180. I was soooooo not happy with him. Felt like I had been hoodwinked even though I volunteered to help. He, of course, thought it was hilarious.

  3. Linda,
    It is truly magnificent. I get such a sense of peace and happiness looking at the beautiful landscaping. And it is so very well taken care of with much love. You must be very happy living there. I love your climbing rose too. Do you know the name of it?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Meta – I have to admit I like living here because I’m not an apartment or suburban home kind of person. I like a little space between me and the next guy. In rural neighborhoods, you get all kinds of people so the ride down to our place leads people not to expect our place when they drive down the street. They all comment on it — workmen, new friends — and sometimes they just stand still for a moment and take it all in. Still, we have a terrible problem with dollar weed and Florida betony that ruins the look at this time of year. My mother is not well so its only my Dad and I trying to keep this place up. The climbing rose, according to my mother, is a Seven Sisters.

  4. Linda – I’m always late for everything. I swear. I don’t know how I managed to miss this page all this time. What a lovely tour! Your family estate is magnificent! Wow, I know I’m coming for a visit now. You just didn’t know you had invited me. I’ll be by shortly. xo kim

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