Fresh Bugs

Monday, Poppie and I worked on edging his azalea bed and my Fern Bed at the end of it. I helped a little bit but mostly, I got caught up in weeding the Fern Bed.  What can I say? It’s the time of year that the weeds take over in the yard and my nightmares. I have weeded patches all over the yard when what I really should be weeding is the other half of the veggie garden.

At one point, Poppie declared a Coffee Break and we went up to his house to get a cool drink of water and sit on the porch to cool off. Before we could get in the house, we encountered this green guy attached to the door mat.

Luna Moth, Actias luna

“Ewwwwww, what is that?” I asked. Most of my friends are bug averse and would have run shrieking into the next county at the sight of this green guy because he was quite large. Not me. I’ll make unsavory comments and a face that looks like the victim of unsweetened lemonade but then I’m right down there in his face checking him out.

Poppie nudged it with his finger. “He’s not going anywhere. He’s firmly attached.”

With four cats on the property, all of them strays who came to stay, I knew the green guy would not be around long so I picked up the door mat and moved it to one of the rocking chairs we seldom sit in. It might give him a few more minutes before the cats discovered him.

“Where’s your camera?” I asked him. “I want to take a picture.”

Later on, I consulted the Florida Butterfly book I borrowed from the library but it did not include this fella so I got on the web and asked to see green moth images. Up popped green guy’s name. Luna Moth, Actias luna.

Tuesday, I couldn’t work in the yard because my brother was going to be around most of the day giving my computer a little shake to get the gremlins out after that virus attack in late April. Nasty things, those viruses. At some point, however, I snuck out of the house to check on the moth. Luna Baby was gone but on the corner of the rug he left a pile of what I hope are eggs. On the rug. Not on a food source such as Milkweed. Figures. The only luna moth that will probably ever show up on our property and we get the retarded one.

10 thoughts on “Fresh Bugs”

  1. When Elle was very little, we had a Luna Moth that continued to visit us on our back porch every night. It helped in teaching Elle the importance of bedtime because “Luna” showed up whenever it was time for Elle to go to bed. She called it a Bedtime Butterfly.

  2. I love to see Luna Moths! They are so very pretty. I hope you put the eggs in a place outside, safe from those pesky cats (I really like cats, but they can be pesky!). And I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one buried under a ton of weeds!

    1. The Luna Moth eggs are still on the rug in the rocking chair. My worst fear is that I will have wasted all this time and energy trying to preserve eggs that turn out to be poop. The weeds got really bad in July, didn’t they? I can’t believe you were building new flower beds in this heat when the weeds were going to town.

  3. Oh what a gorgeous moth! That is probably one of the prettiest ones around (though also one of the biggest!) Those look like eggs to me – maybe put some tree leaves on the rug when they start hatching and see if you can transfer the caterpillars to a tree afterwards? Maybe the moth just chose you to be the adopted mother!

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