4 thoughts on “CHENILLE PLANT”

  1. I love this plant. Used to have one and thought it easy to take care of. Always a conversation piece. The lady I bought mine from referred to it as a lipstick plant but “chenille” better describes it. Wonder if I have any friends who have one that might root one for me??

  2. This plant is easy. Just plant in the shade garden, If it will survive the winter here in middle Georgia, it will certainly do fine in Florida!
    Red chenille can be invasive, I ‘ve been having to pull up the edges of the patch as it spreads over into other plantings… All those clippings grow when planted elsewhere…

    1. I’ve always kept mine in planters. I lost it once but I can’t remember if it was winter or neglect. I gave a little rooted piece of my chenille plant to Farmpest. She planted it and cut clippings from it which she stuck in a sand rooting pan. They never wilted so that’s a clue to the invasiveness you mention. She hopes to pot out soon for Christmas gifts in cute little glass cups and pots from Dollar Tree.

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