Gardening Gone to Peas

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

There’s not much I can grow in Florida’s heat during July and August, sometimes September. I can grow peas, however, as they love the heat.

On Monday, my good friend Evie, and her wonderful sister-in-law Shorty, came to help me weed a few rows for peas. If it wasn’t for that dadburn dollar weed, my weeding situation would not be so difficult. Evie must not have liked plowing a few weeks ago because she turned the hand plow over to Shorty who did a real good job of deep plowing to get all those dollar weed runners. Here, Shorty is giving Evie some instruction:

“You ain’t doin’ that right.”

After we finished weeding three rows, we planted Pinkeye Purplehull and Scarlet Pinkeye Peas. Today, just four days later if you count today, those peas are up one and one-half to two inches.

10 thoughts on “Gardening Gone to Peas”

      1. I’m helping with the peas and I don’t even like peas. I’m just biding my time until you plant some more of those beautiful delicious cabbages you planted last year. Those were the biggest cabbages I ever saw and they made for some good eating. Let me know when you need us again. When you turn 45 you gotta get in all the exercise you can and when it helps a dear friend you win twofold.

        1. You can come work on the farm anytime the notion strikes you. With two acres, there is ALWAYS something to do. I’ve been trying to lay down newspaper and leaf mulch like Farmpest suggested to keep the weeds down. One newspaper a day. One day I didn’t get the leaves on the newspapers and that miserable dog from next door came over and took my newspaper home like some sort of souvenir of his visit.

      2. Maybe that dumb dog wanted to learn to read and that’s why he ran off with it. He probably figured, “If the Chairman of the Garden can teach those 2 morons, Evie and Shorty, how to garden, surely she can teach me to read.” But on the serious side, that dog scares me to death when he runs through that fence. I don’t want to hurt the animal but I will if he attacks me.

  1. Consider weed proofing between your rows of peas ASAP. Wet the ground then layer 5 or 6 old newspaper pages on the ground, the more the better, then wet those down so they will stay put for a little while. Now place on top a thick layer of some type of mulch. Ex: hay, pine straw, yard rakings. This should last about a yr and will rot down finally. If you are skimpy on the newspaper or mulch, weeds will just grow thru it in no time.
    Happy gardening!

    1. Farmpest — Realizing you were right, I went out this morning and spread half a garbage pail full of saw dust into one of my garden rows. I had done the newspaper last year but didn’t like how it made it difficult to plant stuff and didn’t like the little pieces of newspaper that floated to the surface. BUT, I’ve got to do something. Dollar Weed and Betony are driving me to distraction. I liked the look of just oak leaf mulch but it doesn’t prevent weeds.

    1. Hi Bernie — Yes, my helpers were wonderful. I should salami (sp.?) at their feet but I can’t. That Evie would let it go to her head. The peas turned dark green today without any fertilizer applied. Love those pinkeye purplehulls.

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