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Over the years, I’ve tried several times to grow Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) and have not found it as easy as the seed catalogs claim. That’s Car Dealer Syndrome for you – make wild claims that can’t possibly be fulfilled if it will make a sale.

a really big bug – about 1-1/2 inches

In 2011, I planted numerous packages of seed, either Burpee or Ferry-Morse, all in one round clay pot. I got one plant to live which died back over the winter as perennials tend to do.

In 2012, it came back as an unbelievably huge plant. I wish I had photographed it. I separated it into four plants and, for some reason that escapes me now, planted two on either side of the pot. I’m embarrassed to admit to such a landscaping design as it makes me look like a total idiot, even worse than “stoopit.” I can handle stoopit. I’ve gotten so used to hearing it from friends and family, I think of it as a term of endearment. Idiot, however, is several notches up from stoopit so it pains me to think that I might have some DNA in the Idiot Department.

Encouraged by my success with the one-plant-divided-into-four, I bought countless packages of Purple Coneflower and planted all but one of them. I started them in those plastic clam-boxes for strawberries in the grocery store. I used a combination of commercial garden soil and seed starting mix. After they became crowded, I potted them up in anything that was handy. Here are the results:

8 thoughts on “PURPLE CONEFLOWER”

  1. Those are still some mighty good looking plants. If I bring a pot over and some soil can you separate one for me that I can take home? AND I told you that dog next door just ain’t right. I’m keeping an eye on him.

  2. I thought you were going to say the dog came through and dug up all your coneflowers! I love these plants, but I have a very bad habit of weeding them every spring. For some reason, they look like a weed to me! I somehow missed weeding one this year. I’m glad I did! At least I have the one! The butterflies love them. I may have to try your method and sow some in pots.

    1. Hi Holleygarden – I like the idea of sowing seeds in pots because then you know if it came up or not. I also started all my flower seeds in the greenhouse this year because of problems with squirrels (and maybe possums and racoons) digging in my pots. I’ve got a future post on protecting your plants from the weeding hoe.

  3. You tickled my funny bone with your cute post. I love the dog chewing up your labels and told my hubby too. Too funny. Well, plant them out and it will be a surprise and that is always a nice thing in the garden I think.

  4. Purple Coneflowers do very well here. Though I can’t remember how long it took to establish them, there is no stopping them now! I love how you didn’t give up on them! I seem to have more success with growing from seed when I use pots as you did. Then I started reading some of your other posts and found them quite enjoyable.

    1. NH — If I ever get the coneflowers started in my flower beds, will they reseed and spread? I’m afraid to plant my little seedlings in the flower bed where I want them to go. It’s in the 90s and will stay that way for months now. No point frying them after all my hard work. Will plant them when it cools down.

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