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To thwart bugs, I have my two cantaloupes up on tuna cans. These are the very first cantaloupes I have grown since I began growing food in 2008.

The variety is unknown. The seeds came from a grocery store cantaloupe saved by my Dollar General friend. Everyone should have a Dollar General friend.  Obviously, I met her in Dollar General in that casual way that you talk to strangers when in stores. This was back in March of 2011 and I like to think it turned out well for both of us. At the time, she lived about 10 minutes away but she has since moved clear across town so I don’t see her as much.

What surprised me the most about growing cantaloupes is that, although they are vining plants like watermelons, they don’t vine as much as watermelons. These two are growing among the vines in a 3 foot space. Watermelons, on the other hand, look at fresh ground and think it’s something to gobble up with wild abandon.

I hope I get to eat these before something else gets them. I dumped two bags of el cheapo cow manure at the edge of the garden yesterday and during the night something clawed its way into the bags. It’s just a matter of time before that something sniffs its way to the these cantaloupes on the other side of the garden.

6 thoughts on “Cantaloupes”

  1. Those look nice.
    I plant the seed out of the produce also. I look at the variations as a desirable thing.
    One year, growing cantelope from the seeds taken from the store purchased fruit resulted in about 4 different types of melon from the same original fruit!
    How is your garden doing after all the tropical storm activity that you’ve been getting?
    Please send some of that rain up my way…

    1. Stone — 4 different types of fruit from cantaloupe seeds. Veddy interesting. Must have been hybrid seeds, eh? My garden drowned in the tropical storm. Our property slopes downward at my end. Early on, Dad dug some channels to encourage the water to run off in streams towards the back of the property behind the shed that you always see in my photos. The shed and the property behind it are no longer under water but everything from my garden going south is “squishy”. I’m trying to clean out the garden for a planting of peas when things dry out and I periodically step in muck up to my ankles or shins. I had some absolutely beautiful vining gourds by the yellow ladder that had leaves bigger than dinner plates. I stupidly didn’t get around to taking a photo and now all the leaves have powdery mildew. In the garden right now, I have one Juliet tomato bush lying on the ground (soil too soggy to hold it up even with stakes), some gourds, two kinds of peppers, a healthy eggplant bush, and a sweet potato vine. Sorry you didn’t get some of that rain. The people around Live Oak would probably love to send you some. They’ve got a river over there, might be the Suwanne (sp.?), that’s still rising.

  2. Hello again my $General friend. About those cantaloupe seed I gave you. They were from a huge “Athena” cantaloupe purchased from Walmart. Never ate a better one. Bought a number of them last year at different stores. All were great and quite large.
    About those powdery leaves you have. Perhaps you might spray them with soapy water.Then mix 2 tablespoons of epsom salts in 1 gal water, pour around the roots about 1x week for several weeks.
    Happy gardening.

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