Rain and Stuff

Big Foot (who seldom cooperates for the camera)

Tropical Storm Debby dumped eighteen inches of rain on my neck of the woods. During the storm, I watched rivers of running water flow past my humble abode on their way to forming a lake behind the shed at the edge of my vegetable garden. Thankfully, we had no damage but I was still despondent over losing the majority of my flower seedlings I had nurtured from seed. They drowned.

Today I was out there walking around trying to drum up enough enthusiasm to work in the yard or the vegetable garden. I quickly determined that working the vegetable garden was out when my left foot sunk into the muck up to my shin.

So I wandered up to the house to look around.  I noted where my two cats were. Mind you, I had no cats in January and would still have no cats if people would responsibly handle disposition of their animals when they can no longer keep them. Big Foot is feral so he obviously came here of his own accord but Gray Whiskers is a very affectionate domesticated cat not used to fending for himself and must have been dumped here. I love cats but I can’t afford them.

I heard this loud THUNK and turned around just in time to see Big Foot tearing across the yard as if the devil himself was yanking at his tail. I pretty much knew he had barely escaped being clonked by a green pine cone and I walked over to make sure. Yep. It’s just a matter of time before one of those things brains one of us because you never hear them falling. Just landing.

4 thoughts on “Rain and Stuff”

    1. No doubt, PJ! Dad says he’s a young cat and he gets really bug-eyed when something scares him. I know it’s not nice to laugh at him when he gets bug-eyed so I kinda wiggle my lips like the gal in the old I Dream of Genie shows.

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