Spring Garden Cleanup

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Prior to an April 2011 auto accident, I was able to manage my vegetable garden by myself. My injuries from that accident prevent me from doing the really heavy work so I call on Poppie and friends. Only really, really good friends will help because garden cleanup when you are switching from one season to another is dirty, hard work.

Evie, of “I don’t do dirt” fame, came Saturday to help me. The minute I walked out the front door I mentally began cussin’ the devil. I’m afraid to cuss out loud because God would hear me and what if I get to the pearly gates and he wants a quarter for every cuss word I’ve ever uttered. I’ll be a little short of change since I can’t take anything with me. The mental cussin’ was over the weather. The balmy 86 degrees we’d enjoyed all week was gone. In its stead was a steamy, humid replacement with very little cloud cover to block the blazing sun.

Evie arrived an hour later with her own “garden” gloves. I don’t know what they were — golfer’s gloves, driving gloves — but they looked kind of rubbery. Knowing Evie, they were probably leather. I guess she wanted to make sure none of my dirt got on her. Judging by the britches she was wearing, she for sure didn’t want any of my dirt touching her.

This is how the garden looked when we started around 9:30:

Evie cutting beans down

Evie did all the hand plowing because of my injuries and pretty much anything that she thought would further injure my back. Secretly, I think she just enjoyed reminding me every few minutes that she had a younger body. She had the gall to call me an “Old Woman” or maybe it was “Old Broad”. Either way, it was an insult to my ability to reach old age which, obviously, takes some talent. Not everybody makes it.

Evie using the hand plow

In hindsight, I think we would have benefitted from the help of Evie’s sister-in-law, Shorty, but I thought we could do it ourselves and Evie didn’t ask her. This is how the garden looked just before I collapsed on the kitchen floor: 


There are no photos of me because I was wearing a t-shirt with holes in it and my Shoes With Air.

Sunday when I walked outside to check the garden, the weather, of course, was less humid and much cooler and, of course, I was in no shape to work out there. I’ll eventually get the rest of it cleaned up and put in summer peas. I especially like the taste of pink eye purple hull peas which you never, ever see in the grocery store either fresh or frozen.

22 thoughts on “Spring Garden Cleanup”

  1. What I should have said was I hate to sweat also. You worked me like I’ve never been worked before. Gardening is definitely not for me. When I left the property even my fingernails hurt from all the work. I had sweat running down my jellyrolls and dirt in both my shoes. I had ant bites on my ankles and dirt all over my body. I didn’t do that much work even when I was in the Navy. I came home, stood in the shower and what came off my body looked more like a mud slide. I’m glad I only have to do dirt 4 times a year. Gardening is definitely not for sissies. I love you sis but you are going to have to find some more friends or did they run away when you started gardening. Heck I was ready to run after the first hour.

    1. And oh my goodness she made me weeds also. Who does that to a friend who doesn’t do dirt? I don’t need to go to the gym for a week with all that pulling, pushing, lifting, squatting, reaching and walking I did. The only good that came out of it was the goodies from the garden I came home with and yes I shared them with Shorty, my sister-in-law. Thanks so much for the experience. I’m not getting any more friends who need help gardening.

      1. You lookin’ for sympathy? Lemme tell you where to find it! So what if you don’t do dirt? A grain of sand couldn’t sneak into those rubbery-looking skin-tight gloves you were wearing. I never heard so much whining. You needa call 1-800-WHINE.

    2. Now you’ll appreciate produce you find in the grocery stores. Somebody had to work like a dog to get that stuff to market. You probably got back in touch with any number of muscle groups you had forgotten over the years. If you’d give me Shorty’s phone number, I could always call her. I was ready to run the first HALF hour. The heat and humidity was awful!

  2. You (or I should say Evie) got an impressive amount done! I consider gardening to be my workout routine – it can be hard work!

    There’s nothing like fresh veggies from the garden..

    1. Hi Indie! Evie considered it her workout routine, too. She comes to help me 3 or 4 times a year. Good thing we got it cleaned out because I think the remaining plants probably drowned under the deluge of rain we got from Tropical Storm Debby.

  3. That’s a nice lookin gypsum weed in ur “after” picture… Mine didn’t make the move to the sand-hill garden… they’re just not a common weed down here like they are up north.
    I think you should cut Evie some slack. You got some fine work outta her.

    1. Gypsum weed? I had to look that one up on the internet. Don’t think I have that. Most of my weeds don’t bloom. I have a LOT of dollar weed, though. I’m still trying to weed it out. Horrible stuff. Yes, Evie was very helpful but I can’t give her any slack. Give that girl any slack and she’d fire up a dump truck and run me over. She’s abused me from the first day I met her. Don’t know why I even hang out with her. South of you is in for some serious thunder storms tonight.

      1. Thanks Stone. I’m glad you recognize that she’s a wicked one. I must say I do give her alot of grief and its so much fun. She worked me like a dog and harassed me the whole time. If she didn’t give me grief I would think she didn’t love me. I’m sitting here right now thinking of ways to abuse her verbally when I get a chance to call her.

      2. To enlarge your pics, I just had to keep clicking on them.
        The eggplant pic is 3072 x 2048 pixels… Better you should ask how to crop and resize…
        I use irfanview. It’s a free download…
        Most other sites, hold down the cntrl key, and click the + key repeatedly to enlarge pics text and whatever.

        You’re threatening to toss Evie inna hole in the woods?
        In the commune where I useta live, we had a legend about a woman that lived at the bottom of the dry well…

        1. Stone — Thanks for the Ctrl plus +. I’ll try to remember that. I have about 3 pics that got posted during the period that gremlins got into my Lightroom program and reset everything. I need to go back in and make those pics smaller. As for Evie, I can’t think of a better way to get rid of annoying people than put them in a hole. Seriously though, I love her to pieces.

    2. I don’t know anything about gypsum weed but I do know she had a lot of weeds out there that I had the misfortune of getting up close and personal to. My goodness, that dollar weed just spreads and spreads with runners from satan himself. The Chairman of the Garden didn’t care that I don’t do dirt, she just gave me the plow and said get to it. It did look better when we were done. I can’t wait to see what she grows next. I think she’s a natural at this gardening stuff and she likes DIRT.

      1. Folks, she is exaggerating about me giving her the plow and telling her to “get to it.” As I recall, I offered her the plow because I knew it would loosen the dirt to make it easier to get the weeds out.

  4. I am a bit behind on reading the blog, but I have to say you are blessed to have a friend like Evie that is willing to help you. By the way Evie, if the work doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger!

    1. Miss Priss, I’m not worried about the work killing me. I’m worried about that hole the numbnut has dug out in the back of the property. While I was over there working like a dog, she instructed me to go empty the wheel barrow in the woods and you should have seen the look I gave her. I thought she was trying to get me back there so she could hit me with something and put me in the hole. Needless to say I only went to the edge of the woods. I aint stupid, I want to live to harass her another day.

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