Tater Patch Update

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Tater patch after Poppie weeded

Just as I got out of the shower Monday morning, I heard Poppie beating on my porch or my railings, I couldn’t tell which but it makes a very different noise from someone knocking on the door. This has always been his preferred method of rooting me out of the house.

I quickly jumped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to cover my essential nekkidness and opened the door.

Big Foot and Hobo/Mimi were standing in the yard with him. I was delighted to be on everyone’s must-see list so early in the morning.

Poppie wanted me to come out and work on the tater bed with the overgrown St. Augustine grass. I reminded him that it was Monday and I had a temp job for the first time in two years.

“I thought you were going to help,” he said.

“I intended to help if you had done it Saturday.”

“I think I’ve been snookered,” he growled and huffed off in the direction of the tater bed.

After work, I went by the pizza joint and got a pizza to make it up to him. This was before I found out he had saved most of that grass for ME to plant.

14 thoughts on “Tater Patch Update”

  1. He is a good man after all. 🙂 even if he did not re-plant the grass for you. Hope he enjoyed the pizza.

      1. Well…..kudos to you for not letting that grass go to waste even though it was very painful to do so.
        Hope your back is much better today.

        1. I hate to let grass go to waste, don’t you? I’m often tempted to stop my car and pick up the pieces that fall off the sod trucks but they always seem to fall off at spots that aren’t safe to stop my car. I don’t want to be in the newspaper as the IDIOT WOMAN COPPING FREE GRASS HIT BY SEMI. I wish my back was better.

  2. Now you knew Dad wasn’t going down without a fight. He fixed you. Well when do you need my help. I can’t do it until the weekend.

    1. Evie – He’s sneaky that way. I sure wasn’t expecting that when I came home with a consolation pizza. I gotta get all those beans cut off my strings so I can use the strings for my pink eye purple hull peas. You wanna help with that? I can’t do it until the weekend, either, ’cause he’s gonna make me finish planting those grass runners every night until it’s done. My back’s not good for more than a half hour.

      1. Just tell me what time to be there and I’ll come but you better have me some gloves. I’ll do the back work and you can instruct me on what to do. That’s the least I can do for an old lady who harasses me every chance she gets and rewards me with great pickings from her garden. I’m in trial this week; so not available in the evenings.

        1. Saturday when you get up. I usually quit by 11 or 12:00. I got gloves but only one pair of little hand clippers (lost the other pair in the yard somewhere) so I’m not sure there’s enough work for me, you, and Shorty.

        1. No, seriously, Stone, it’s not dichondra. Notice how SHINY my dollar weed is? And it’s a circle with slightly scalloped or serrated edges? The dichondra is flat, not shiny, and almost heart-shaped where the stem meets the leaf.

      1. Yep, you got it right this time. I’ll always be stuck with it, too, because I’m not willing to use all those chemicals Clemson suggested. Maybe I’ll cut down on watering my veggie garden, tho.

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