Tater Patch in Weeds

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Weedy Tater Patch

Would you look at this mess? This is my tater patch which has two rows, each 24 feet long. It has a pineapple plant, a watermelon plant, and a bunch of sweet potato vines. Obviously, it’s trying to trash my reputation as a Better Homes & Garden gardener. There’s not much I can do about it being over-run with Dollar Weed. That’s just a given. You can’t kill the stuff. That heavy encroachment of St. Augustine grass, however, indicates a tater patch having fallen victim to neglect.

I won’t kid you. I could use some help right now as I switch from spring to summer gardening. The gleeful Dollar Weed requires me to plow every row or partial row being switched over. I suffer with neck, shoulder and back pain from a spring 2011 auto accident when an old geezer slammed into the back of my car at 50 mph. I can no longer do hand plowing for any length of time. So I got the bright idea that maybe I could get Poppie to edge the St. Augustine grass and then we could plant the grass runners in his sizeable patch of dirt that had fallen victim to one of those unfortunate yard accidents, details not forthcoming. I had already plugged his dirt patch and added runners but it could use a few more runners to help it fill in quicker. I broached my bright idea to him.

“My edger’s broke,” he said, as if he could do nothing further.

I looked at him in bug-eyed disbelief. My poor eyeballs  popped out of their sockets and dribbled back and forth like  too many basketballs at court.

“You’ve still got a MANUAL one,” I screeched. “Matter of fact, we’ve got at least two of them around here.”

He stood there mute for a minute and then changed the subject.

That, of course, does not bode well for me getting any help. You’ve heard it a thousand times – you just can’t get good help these days.

8 thoughts on “Tater Patch in Weeds”

  1. He saw you coming and was prepared to nix it. Ouch, double ouch.
    Hope he will take pity on you and change his mind.

  2. I’ll come over and help and I can probably get short stuff to help also. Just let me know when you need us.

  3. Are you sure he would want that turf? Seems like he’d get a lot of weeds with the sod.
    Maybe time to break out the cardboard n woodchips…

    1. Stone – By the time he dug it out of there, it wasn’t in sod pieces, just runners. The bare dirt he was trying to fill in was inviting all kinds of nut grass. Better to put runners in than let that stuff take hold.

      1. I’ve seen peeps attempt to grow sod from those runners, but I’ve seen very little success. Be sure to lettuce know how it goes fer him.

        If Pops has purple nutsedge, nuthin is going to stop that stuff.I found a page talking about that stuff on a California site where the first paragraph did a great job explaining the prob…

        The start of a nutsedge problem begins with one tuber in the middle of a field. The next year it will be a clump 40- feet wide. By the third year, nutsedge will be all over the field.

        1. Stone — I had two pieces of sod that I chopped up and spaced around the bare dirt. The runners are just fill-ins. We are hoping for the best. I’ll try to remember to update you on whether or not it fills in. Dang, we didn’t used to have much nutsedge and we shouldn’t have ANY. It’s not fair to afflict a gardener with both nutsedge and dollar weed.

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