8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Chickenhawk”

      1. I did. She asked me why they were called chicken hawks and I told her because they eat chickens. Now she’s as grossed out as she was when I told her where eggs come from….

    1. Hi Garden Walk! It was taken with a huge telephoto lens (not by me) because it’s just far enough away from Momma’s porch to have trouble seeing it with the naked eye. We became aware of the nest when we saw the chicken hawk taking food (snakes) up to the nest.

  1. I’m so jealous of this pic…
    My woodpeckers all stay out of range of my camera, and the flesh-eating birds I have seem limited to those horrible crows…

    1. Hey Stone — Trust me, I did not take that photo. I don’t even have a long enough lens to take that photo. It was far enough away from Momma’s back porch that we could not easily see the birds in the top of the tree but the lens got ’em.

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