Preserving the Harvest

Post last updated: August 13th, 2018

Momma had a garden for about twenty years but she never canned. So here I am, well on my way to geezerism, and I don’t have a clue how to preserve food. For the past three years, I’ve been giving my harvest away. While I like to share with my friends, that’s not really the purpose of my veggie garden. For me, growing food is about self-sufficiency and affordable organic food. With Tropical Storm Beryl bearing down on us this weekend, I was trapped inside with a very large bag of pole beans I had picked before the storm.

I decided it was time to get serious about “putting food by.” I would really like to have a shelf  lined with canning jars filled with my harvest but these days, all the experts claim you must have a pressure canner for canning low acid foods like green beans. I have several friends who are hold-outs and there are a few folks on YouTube who claim you can process green beans in a water-bath. If you’ll recall, things that just ain’t right happen to me with alarming frequency. It would be my luck to do something wrong in the process of water-bath canning my pole beans and send myself to meet my maker before my visa expires.

I decided to freeze them according to the directions I found on I am hopeful they know what they are talking about. After a few hours to allow for not knowing what I was doing and flapping around the kitchen like a hysterical chicken, I wound up with six quarts of pole beans in heavy duty freezer bags.

P.S. — 7/14/12 – Won’t have to do this again. I didn’t like the texture of the beans going from frozen to cooked.

17 thoughts on “Preserving the Harvest”

      1. I have a small veggie garden. 5 Tomato plants. 3 Bell Peppers, Some carrots and chives. Three rows of green beans that are now finished.
        We ate the bush (green) beans as I harvested them. So, you can see it is a small garden. Oh, and hot peppers.

    1. Big Time. It has rained almost constantly since Saturday afternoon. Wind knocked over a lot of my veggie garden cages. Did have a respite yesterday evening which I used to go around and pick up some of the limbs. Rained all last night, still raining today. We were very dry and desperately needed the rain but now I’m wondering if all my plants are going to drown. You get any of it?

      1. We had quite a bit of rain during the night and the wind blew over my Angel Trumpet.

        I don’t have any pictures of my veggie garden.

        1. Well, bummer. I would have liked to see your garden. Walked around the yard a little while ago. A couple of things seem to have doubled in size from all the rain — three daylilies whose seeds I planted in a pot and a gourd.

  1. Those look great! I started pressure canning for the first time last year. I think I did a post on it somewhere. Anyway, it’s not near as scary as it seems, and I love – make that LOVE – seeing all those cans in my pantry. I try to grow or buy from the farmer’s market enough to make it through the winter. Didn’t quite make it last year, but I’m hoping to put up enough this summer. Just get a pressure canner! You can water bath it in, too. And you will never regret it!

  2. I am sure you did not write on the labels so as to have uncluttered pictures, but i hope you did label and date your beans before putting in the freezer. After all, you want to use a first in, first out method of eating your frozen harvest and you might harvest more.
    Ms. Priss

    1. I can’t see any point in dating the labels. They are all going to be 2012 beans that I will eat before the next spring garden. What I NEED is a bigger freezer but there’s just no room in my kitchen. I’d have to put it out on the front porch and then it would be a lot harder to convince people that I’m not a redneck.

  3. I sure enjoy reading about you 2 playing in the dirt. When I grow up I’m going to play in the dirt also. My tomato plants, well, 2 of them, are doing great. That Fred one has several mutants growing on it and the leaves are full of holes. But the tomatoes are good. I think the tomatoes taste better out of your garden.

    1. You better take that back, Moron, before God strikes you dead. You ain’t nevah gonna play in the dirt. That’s a lie and you know it. You the most dirt averse person I ever met in my life. I don’t know how I even got mixed up with you. And of course the tomatoes taste better outta my garden — you didn’t have to plant them, water them, fertilize them, fuss over them, etc.

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